Horseproblems australia blog – 12th oct, 2020

HI Folks. Hope You are all well. The Rain continues. Victor Harbor has now topped 600mm and it keeps coming. Incredible. The Aquifer is full and it is running out of the ground all over the place. Coaching I have mentioned this a number of times over the Years, saying that all Coaches should be checked once a Year and the progress of their Pupils monitored, for if there is no improvement in their scores or placings then the Coach is failing and by extension, their money lost to them and the Industry at large. Yesterday, Mrs. HP was one […]

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Equine Science Training Systems

Dr. Paul McGreevy

Your Horse Industry is being taken over by stealth and You may not know it. There is a Master Plan that has been laid out, by the Scientific Community, to take control of the Industry and to replace 200 Years of History in Training, with the new future, that of Equine Science Training Systems. You will see my motivation for writing this article as You read through but the primary motivation is the genuine concern about the diminishing of Horse Training and Risk Management systems, throughout the Industry and the insult to the great Horse Trainers of the last 200 […]

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Horseproblems Australia Blog 4th Sept, 2020

HI Folks, hope You had a lovely Week and the World was kind to You. Predictions Those of You who have followed my Blogs over the Years, would know that most of my Predictions come true, in pretty quick time. Now more than one again but this one will be of interest to You. I predicted that Victor Harbor would become the ‘Boom Town’ and it has already, with Properties selling fast and prices rising. I may have also mentioned to You about the Rural Lands of the Fleurieu Peninsula and how that due to ‘Global Warming’ and the Weather […]

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Horse Problems Australia Blog 27th September, 2020

High Country Trails

Hi Folks. Hope You had a lovely Week and didn’t experience too many of Life’s challenges which keep getting thrown at us these Days. Speaking of “Life’s Challenges” they seem to come out of ‘left field’, just when You don’t expect them. Why can’t it just be peaceful? πŸ™ Celeste ‘Boot Camp’has begun. It’s as Cocky as all Hell, ‘Bold as Brass’ and dies for interaction. Fearful of nothing and yes, the typical Warmblood (Pure Bred) and has ‘got the goods’ big time. Here she is this Week. Gainsborough Soap The Vindictive among us, normally masquerading as such lovely People, […]

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Horse Problems australia blog 19th Sept, 2020

Leg Restraints Training of the Horse

Hi Folks. Hope You are all well and Life isn’t treating You too harshly. Remember, the best and most useful knowledge that You will ever gain, comes from the worst possible things that have happened to You. In our case, we are now basically ‘bomb proof’ and can read things in Life, before the Govt, Media and most others. It is a wonderful skill, but only comes from “the School of hard knocks”……… are just a few from this Week. We have said from Day 1 of the Covid Virus, that it will be doing more damage than they will […]

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Horseproblems blog 28th august, 2020

Hi Folks, hope You are all well and had a lovely Week. We had 60mm of Rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. It’s been unreal. The Crops will boom this Year and the environment is jumping out of the Ground…….and that means Weeds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™ Here we go again πŸ™‚ It’s been an extremely busy Week with Horses left right and centre. Never a minute to waste. There has also been way too much drama in our Life which is very sad indeed πŸ™ Gainsborough Soap The last Week has been a sad one πŸ™ Our lovely Manager lost the plot and seriously and unprofessionally abused […]

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Rein handling of the “Green Horse”

Rein Control of the Green Horse

When You climb aboard a ‘Starter’ you need to know that it ‘knows nothing’ It doesn’t know what Leg’s are, aids are……put ‘Leg on’ a Starter and they will likely Buck, kick a Starter and it will definitely Buck, but it is the Mouth that is of all importance. Thousands of “Green Horses” have asked me to write this article and I thank them for their wisdom over the Years. Most have half a Kilo of Steel inside their Mouths and they have Zero idea what a ‘Contact’ is or why would You pull against their Mouth, (other than the […]

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