Australian Stockman's Bridle

We now live in the Age of the 6/10 end Product. I rank Horse Starting out of 10. Over the past few Years, the maximum I have met has been a 6. It’s not ‘Rocket Science’ Folks. The quality of the end Product depends only upon the quality and quantity of the various systems that are put on the Young Horse at the time. For instance: If You start a Horse using pure Natural Horsemanship systems, it will end up a 6/10 If You start a Horse using just the British Horse Society influence, You end up with a 6/10 […]

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training the green horse

Extended English Bridle Reins

Each Year, Thousands of Young Horses make their way into the ridden World. The majority of Owners are ill equipped for You can’t learn to ride the ‘Green Horse’ by owning one or two. This article is aimed at passing on the absolute best practice, to help Horses and Owners who may read it. After riding Thousands of them, I do hope You benefit. True Unity I would submit, that above all else, You want the ‘Green Horse‘ to like You, to trust You and even more, feel like a Partner, right? You don’t want to ‘pee it off’, do […]

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problem horse world – 6th december, 2020

Southern Fleurieu Peninsula

Hi Folks. Hope You are all well. Wonderful Week of Weather. 12mm of Rain and lovely cool Days. 19 Degrees. Lot’s happening as usual, lot’s of aggrieved Horses, assessments and more. The education goes on and on and never ceases. FAKE NEWS UPDATE – US ELECTIONS A few interesting points that they won’t tell you on Fake News all here. Election Machines were connected to Internet with big traffic to C.I.A. Servers in Germany. German Server seized. Hunter Biden finally under investigation. Millions of Bribes, with good old Jo getting his cut. Texas and 18States sue the Corrupt Election States […]

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Problem Horse World – 30th november, 2020


Hi Folks. Well, Summer is upon us and the Bushfire Royal Commission taught them little. How much did that cost? Same Old. Here we have the Adelaide Hills Council still wasting Rate Payers squillions on Roundup, spraying 4 foot high grass, in Spring, in an attempt to create the Fire Bug Starter 🥵 Don’t worry, all Councils are the same. None have learnt. It’s quite Minds boggling really. …….and sadly, the Victor Harbor Council, not to mention the welcome to a Zillion Tourists. 16.9 Degrees Celsius, cooler at Victor Harbor, than Adelaide, as I type (on Friday) Just hard to […]

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Problem horse word 29th november, 2020

Pull back horse

Hi Folks, Hope You are all well and that You weren’t too hurt by the Lying Mongrel with the Covid. It cost us $$$$ and most other People. Feel sorry for the Restaurants and so on. It boggles my Mind just how mindless plenty in our Society are. I went down to the Shopping Centre on the first Morning, to get Bread, with my Mask and the Bloke in the Woolworths Flower section had his around his Throat, whilst the Covid Officer walked past Him 3 times 😡 Contact for no reason I must bore You for talking about this […]

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problem horse world 16th november, 2020

Warmblood Horses

Hi Folks. Hope You are all well. Busy as always and a quite stressful Week, getting the various reports on the welfare of Lind’s new Horse, the poor Boy, terrible trip across Australia, for Days 🤔 He lost a heap of weight and I did take issue with some aspects of it. I’m not going to make a big deal of it or identify anyone (they will know who they are if they read this) but Professionalism, something that a lot of Trucking Companies pride themselves in, was lacking at the start. More below Down to Gainsborough this Week, Linda […]

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