Rein handling of the “Green Horse”

June 2, 2020 Rein Control of the Green Horse

When You climb aboard a ‘Starter’ you need to know that it ‘knows nothing’ It doesn’t know what Leg’s are, aids are……put ‘Leg on’ a Starter and they will likely Buck, kick a Starter and it will definitely Buck, but it is the Mouth that is of all importance. Thousands of “Green Horses” have asked me to write this article and I thank them for their wisdom over the Years. Most have half a Kilo of Steel inside their Mouths and they have Zero idea what a ‘Contact’ is or why would You pull against their Mouth, (other than the […]

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May 21, 2020 Horseproblems Australia

Horse Body Damage is a silent epidemic that goes un-noticed as Owners carry out their habits, taught via their teachings. It absolutely astounds me why the Horse Industry at large, doesn’t appear to notice or recognize, the damage done to our Horses, across the Planet, by out training habits. Let me examine the main Offenders’. Physical & Psychological The Physical damage is always obvious to me (not so to the majority) but the psychology is more difficult to see…… Physical – the rear end The front end The Loss of Top line of the back, used to carry the Rider […]

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Financing Dressage Horses

February 9, 2020 Dressage Horse Finance

Financing the Dressage Horse in 2020, see some flash marketing schemes to generate income….big income…..from the Bank Accounts of those entering the Industry. We feel we need to warn You of the many pitfalls, taken from the hard lessons learnt from the procession of Thousands of Riders’ through our Hands. Big money horses have big flashy movement that non professionals have great difficulty in sitting. These Horses are always Warmbloods and often come from Europe or at the very least have the bloodlines of the top proven horses from abroad. To maximize their profits, the Business often promotes Foals as […]

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Horse Law Australia

February 9, 2020 Equine Law Australia

In 2005, Horseproblems Australia saw the desperate need to commence an arm of the Law in this Country, to cater for Crooked Horse Sales, for back then, basically every Vet in the Country was telling every Client, “Buyer Beware” So we had meetings in Sydney, with some top Firms in each State and persuaded them to start handling these issues. Pretty soon, after we launched Horselaw Australia, others followed, including Horseforce, who I saw in the audience at Equitana, when we spoke about this. John O’Leary is a Court appointed Expert Witness, Assessor, Valuer and investigator but does not give […]

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Tying up the Horse

January 28, 2020 Horse tying up systems

Tying up the Horse can be to twine or to teach them to tie up properly, solidly, never to break away. There are many systems but they haven’t been upgraded for a 100 Years. Trust me, the Horse that ties up solid is far safer throughout Life, with little risk, no matter the mistakes made by us! Across the 50 odd Years and Thousands of Horses, I have basically seen it all, some horrendous injuries and accidents and also, being a Court appointed Éxpert Witness” in matters of ‘Risk Management’ I have seen many Human injuries as well. Life’s protection […]

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Timing is everything

December 9, 2019

Hi Folks, Over the many Years and thousands of Horses, hopefully one gains an ability to read every move of a Horse in real time ( just as they are reading us) and if You ever strike the lottery and gain “The One Thing”, You will be truly blessed. These Days I “thank the Lord” for my finally getting it, nearing the end of my Career. ( just shows You how dumb I am 😁) Any, this now means that I can read every Horse, in real time, prior to their every move, via their thoughts……just as they do the […]

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Meadow Hay and Weeds

December 6, 2019 Barley Grass damage to the Horse

MEADOW HAY I recently walked into a Stable on my property and saw 150mm thick of pure ‘Barley Grass’ Seeds lying on the Floor. I looked in the Tack Shed and there were 30 Bales of pure ‘Barley Grass’, a weed that has no nutrition, destroys established pastures and the seeds of which bury themselves into the gums of the Horse and can even come all the way through and burst outside the face. I immediately banned the Owner of the Horse from feeding it and asked her to remove it from the Property. She advertised it and it was […]

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November 27, 2019

 Horses hate being hosed down. Especially around the head area and for a good reason. Often people squirt water into their ears and the horse can’t get rid of it. How would you like that?   Go to the Video Portal for the Video Then you have the young horse that has never been hosed down before and this can be both a drama and dangerous. Here are a few tips to help:   Never do it on cement   Don’t have your horse tied up   Hold the lead rope down about 900mm from the head   Stand directly […]

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Scientists and Monty Robert’s Dually Halter

December 10, 2018

10th December, 2018 The Horse Scientists have have just released a study into the ‘Dually Halter’, designed and patented by Monty Roberts. They had previously studied his ‘join up’ system. THE RESULTS ” Use of a Dually pressure headcollar does not result in more compliant behaviour by horses that have not worn it before, recent research has found. “ ” the Dually did not result in more compliant behaviour compared to the control group. “ ” but did not result in a stressed response, measured by infrared thermograpy “ As I have often said, Scientists are simply not qualified to […]

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The Australian Horse Float Design Evolution

November 4, 2018
THE HISTORY OF BADLY DESIGNED HORSE FLOATS IN AUSTRALIA    2002 - 2018  I am proud that the Horsemen' of Australia, were completely responsible in driving all design improvements of Horse Floats/Trailers, in this Country, starting in 1999. Congrats to John Chatteton for his work on the sloped walls.   from this  to this   THE TRIGGER It all started this Day Due to our prize 2 Year Old Warmblood, hitting Her Head on the first every trip in her Coachman here, to Her first ever Show, I grabbed a Cut Off Saw and the Roof was completely cut off within 30 [...]
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