Why Mouths deteriorate on Horses. What are the reasons for the mouths of horses to progressively deteriorate after being handed over to the owner by the ‘Breaker’? They almost always do, some more than others and some, totally. Lets say the mouth of the horse is finished at a 9-10 when it is handed back to the owner. From that day forward, unless the owner is a professional rider, the mouth of that horse will diminish for various reasons and end anywhere between zero and about 6.5. I rarely meet one over that mark. So what are the causes of this? Having [...]
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Mouthing The Horse

Mouthing the Horse is the most important thing that will take place in training. The safety of all who ride are directly affected by the good or bad quality. Go here for the DVD’s Frankly Folks. This has been the secret to my success, career and the protection of my Bones. It has saved the Careers of hundreds of Horses, that otherwise would have been Buck Jumpers This is also why Hundreds of People around the World have been able to start their own Horses with our help. Look here, Scotland, first ride, the Horse would have Bucked 3 times and […]

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