Meadow Hay and Weeds

Barley Grass damage to the Horse

MEADOW HAY I recently walked into a Stable on my property and saw 150mm thick of pure ‘Barley Grass’ Seeds lying on the Floor. I looked in the Tack Shed and there were 30 Bales of pure ‘Barley Grass’, a weed that has no nutrition, destroys established pastures and the seeds of which bury themselves into the gums of the Horse and can even come all the way through and burst outside the face. I immediately banned the Owner of the Horse from feeding it and asked her to remove it from the Property. She advertised it and it was […]

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Pasture Management for the Horse

  This is a practical guide to pasture management. Not out of the books! This is my property which had lost every ounce of top soil down the creeks and was wall to wall Salvation Jane. Why is it that everything you feed your horse comes out the other end?      This was our property. Nothing but Clay and Salvation Jane. Click on photo’s to enlarge Have you ever noticed that what you put in one end comes out the other end and actually grows? Yes, the horse has only one stomach and if you put sun flower seed in one […]

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