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Due to the all pervasive censorship by Facebook and others, assisted by the F.B.I. and the White House, it has become impossible to speak the truth, teach or assist Horses, on Social Media. We are therefore re-commencing my Blog (which was the 1st on the Internet in 2000.


“Listen to the Horses”


Mr and Mrs. HP



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7th January, 2024


Hi Folks. Happy New Year and we wish You all the Luck in 2024. We may need it.

Just a short one Tonight. Get back into it next Week.

We had a quiet time although Mrs. HP has been busy teaching those on Hols and of course riding the Young one’s, in the hope that she gets to Dressage one Day.


Today,  a lovely Young Pupil (who was a Prelim Hacky Person 12 Months ago lol 😋 is now riding advanced. Thanks Cappo.


Fat Bustud 🙂


and Stanly is now getting cocky 😮




Gainsborough Soap

I normally only comment on items of history these Days but I simply must mention something that happened Yesterday. You can’t make this stuff up. It’s never the fault of the individual, it is the Horse Industry that is to blame, for not being organized and supportive. Poor Administration indeed.

We were down there and I was installing a 12 Volt Electric Fence Unit as the 240 Volt one had died and we have a number of new People coming in. A Horse Float pulled in with an UNBROKEN – 3 YEAR OLD – STANDARDBRED -STALLION, and shortly after, a nice Young Lady arrived, very excited, asking where Her 1ST HORSE of Her Life might be. 😵‍💫😵‍💫I pointed Her down to Mrs. HP who was preparing an isolated Yard for Her and away she want.

An Hour Later, I was ready to leave but couldn’t find Mrs. Hp down at the Yard, with the new Owner and the Old Owners of the Stallion. I walked further afield and then saw them returning from an isolated back paddock where the Young Stallion was galloping around and kicking up his heels in glee.

I asked why her had been put out there, alone and explained to the People, that because of the isolation of that Paddock, I have had to replace the big Gate a number of times over the Years, when Horses have taken it on and smashed it up.

“The Lady has no Fodder’ says Mrs. HP. I have rang 3 Fodder Stores and they won’t be delivering for a few Days because of the Holidays, so I have put Him in the Grass” 😯

So the Young Lady is a 1st time Owner, doesn’t have a job and doesn’t know how to pick up manure!!!!!!!!😮😮OMG!!!!! This seems like a new thing in Horse agistment these Days for we have had it often in the last few Years.

Thanks ever so much to the lovely Agistees who have taken the Lass under their wings and provided Hay and education, brought the Horse in and all are happy. Lovely!!!!


You will all remember the Crooked and Cruel Puppy Farmer from up near Port Augusta, fled to New Zealand with 30 Horses and carrying on the same there????



Well, she sold a Lady, the unbroken 3 Year Old that was actually untouched and actually 18 Months. The Lady didn’t know what Hay was or Manure and was wired for sound 24/7, to an American Indian Chief who was Her advisor 😵‍💫😏😁

You can’t make this stuff up Folks. The World has gone Nuts and so halve the Humans 🙂 Oh well, support, support, support. Pray for us.


Tip of the Week 

I bet You haven’t heard this one 😮

” If a Horse is unsound, on one side, it’s mane will sit a particular way. If the Horse is ridden correctly (Linda O’Leary system) and it repairs itself, the Mane will change directions in which way it sits and indeed, during transitional periods, may sit both ways. ” One for the Vet’s and Chiro’s ey??? 😋


Tip on Life


Have You been ‘prepping’ ready for the almost certain World event such as a Cyber attack where You can’t use Your Credit Cards, Your Phone, for yonks?? How will You cope? I suggest You start!! We have been, in Ernest. Power alternatives, fuel, heating, food supplies and Groceries. I spent last Week, doubling the size of our pantry. Have You noticed the unusual empty areas in some of the Super Markets??? Just before Christmas, I went to Bunnings, to order the wall and roofing sheets for Mrs. HP’s new Stable. THEY DON’T HAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Went to Stratco and they at least told the Truth (Bunnings lied) They are awaiting shipments of rolls of sheet Steel, due sometime in January!!!!!😯


Fake News Media

They only tell You what they want You to know. You know that by now?????….right????? Wake up if you don’t!!!! A Classic example this Week, of their Mind Games with the ‘Sheeples’, were the copious Headlines about the release of the Epstein Files from the Court in the US. They splashed Trumps Photo on news stories 5 times and Clinton once!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. when Trump is the ONLY ONE who was never involved and the one who banned Epstein from Mar Largo for inappropriate behavior, in 2005. This is not about Trump/Biden or anyone else, this is about the Liars on Fake News Media……….


and you will note the 2 different backgrounds. Indeed, here is the real scoundrel



Some News they didn’t tell You about this Week.

as they shielded their investments.

  • New Study into the dreaded Horse Wormer – not only does it control C but it is now found to be helping Long c (the real term being long Jabbababba)

  • Aspirin Study finds it assists against Cancer

  • New Study from Japan, comparing the Hearts, Liver and more, against V and Un V, has found why many People are now struggling with breath, fatigue etc. Cat Scans have completely shown why.


and you see the diminished availability of use of the 2 on the right. Cause??? Yes, the Wabba causes the utilizing of by the Heart of Carbs rather than free fatty acids, thereby reducing the amount of energy.

Far be it for me to talk about this but as I warned, Mrs. HP is seeing too much of Rider energy fail across the board.


Your Doctors will not tell You and indeed, the Health system is actively hiding all the facts from You, on purpose.



Oh….by the way…..did You know that Clive Palmer, back in 2020, knowing the power of the Horse Wormer (Nobel Prize for Medicine) went and spent 300 Million, from his own pocket and purchased the Worlds supply of it. Gave it to Scomo. You know what he did with it???? He burnt it. The Crooked Christian Bastard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, Clive Palmer is right and the Medical Profession Corrupt and wrong!!!!!



Victor Harbor of the Week




Article of the Week



Product of the Week

We don’t see many Dressage Horses with the correct Muscle Development and of course, an Athlete can’t perform without the correct backup. 


Muscle Development of the Dressage Horse



Stay safe Folks💕



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