Mouthing the Horse Long Reining Ropes Set

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This Mouthing the Horse Long Reining Ropes Set, includes 2 of ‘Mouthing Ropes

My Mouthing Ropes are made from the highest quality Marine Ropes so that they slide and throw well, to protect a Young Horse from getting stuck and going over.

They consist of 5 Metres of 12mm Double Braid Nylon Rope and 3 Metres of 8mm Double Braid Nylon Rope.




One Set equals the Mouthing Ropes

This Set equals two.


Tip-e1577412256400   Lunge Lines are highly dangerous for Mouthing Horses, too long, too light, you can’t send messages of lightness and reward with them and present the ever real and present danger of getting wrapped around the hands, arms or Legs of the Handler!!!



Now check out the quality of Mouth we speak about, allowing this Amateur Lady to Mount a Warmblood for the first ride in it’s Life.








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