Australian Stockman's Bridle

We now live in the Age of the 6/10 end Product. I rank Horse Starting out of 10. Over the past few Years, the maximum I have met has been a 6. It’s not ‘Rocket Science’ Folks. The quality of the end Product depends only upon the quality and quantity of the various systems that are put on the Young Horse at the time. For instance: If You start a Horse using pure Natural Horsemanship systems, it will end up a 6/10 If You start a Horse using just the British Horse Society influence, You end up with a 6/10 […]

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training the green horse

Extended English Bridle Reins

Each Year, Thousands of Young Horses make their way into the ridden World. The majority of Owners are ill equipped for You can’t learn to ride the ‘Green Horse’ by owning one or two. This article is aimed at passing on the absolute best practice, to help Horses and Owners who may read it. After riding Thousands of them, I do hope You benefit. True Unity I would submit, that above all else, You want the ‘Green Horse‘ to like You, to trust You and even more, feel like a Partner, right? You don’t want to ‘pee it off’, do […]

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Rein handling of the “Green Horse”

Rein Control of the Green Horse

When You climb aboard a ‘Starter’ you need to know that it ‘knows nothing’ It doesn’t know what Leg’s are, aids are……put ‘Leg on’ a Starter and they will likely Buck, kick a Starter and it will definitely Buck, but it is the Mouth that is of all importance. Thousands of “Green Horses” have asked me to write this article and I thank them for their wisdom over the Years. Most have half a Kilo of Steel inside their Mouths and they have Zero idea what a ‘Contact’ is or why would You pull against their Mouth, (other than the […]

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Horseproblems Australia

Horse Body Damage is a silent epidemic that goes un-noticed as Owners carry out their habits, taught via their teachings. It absolutely astounds me why the Horse Industry at large, doesn’t appear to notice or recognize, the damage done to our Horses, across the Planet, by out training habits. Let me examine the main Offenders’. Physical & Psychological The Physical damage is always obvious to me (not so to the majority) but the psychology is more difficult to see…… Physical – the rear end The front end The Loss of Top line of the back, used to carry the Rider […]

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Head Chucking Horse

  When a Horse tosses the Head whilst riding, there is something wrong, 100% of the times.   THE CAUSES   There can be several: Teeth Sacroiliac Bad Hands Confusion between Horse and Rider Learned helplessness or other Veterinary reasons…..   If You experience, do something about it, immediately, for it is unfair on Horses and dangerous to Riders, for the Horse just may have had enough of You at some point!!   SACROILIAC     LEARNED HELPLESSNESS     HANDS     Gaining Head submission of the Horse, to look in ‘show mode’ IS NOT achieved by pulling… should […]

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My Horse lacks forward

LETTER Hey Mr O…..I have a curly one for you. You know how everyone usually only talked about problem horses? ? ? Well what about horses that are too compliant? What I mean is – this new T/B mare is sooooo bloody quiet, she just does everything. It is really hard to increase any kind of pressure with her because she just doesn’t react. Have I made any sense at ?  Hi There. I have read the occasional article on this and one Today, written by a Vet, advising the ‘Tom Dorrence’ teachings of ‘moving the feet’ All well and […]

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The use of Whips and Spurs explained

“WHIPS ARE TO BE USED SO THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE TO USE WHIPS” “SPURS ARE TO BE WORN SO THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE TO USE SPURS” I think that about explains how I feel about the use of both of these aids. In other words, if you have your horse listening and respectful to your leg aids, you should not have to use a whip or a spur. They should be carried or worn but only ‘In case of ‘ In case your horse has an ignorant attack and needs a reminder, but never for constant use. Long […]

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