Tying up the Horse complete package

Original price was: $500.00.Current price is: $409.40.

The only system that doesn’t generate broken jaws, eye sockets, Legs and more!


Tying up the Horse complete package. The safest system of all.


  • 12 Foot Tie up Lead Rope – 79.95
  • Fixing the Violent Pull back Horse Video 33.50
  • Tying up the Horse Video 29.25
  • Tie up Collar 118.95
  • Protective Boots (front Legs) 89.95
  • Breaking in Boots (front Legs) 118
  • Tie Up Rope Halter 59,95
  • Introductory Tie Up Rope 49,95

$580.20 Less 20% = $446.16 ( incl Postage)


Hi Folks,

Do You tie up to Posts, Trees, Tie up Rails? You know that these present a risk of broken jaws, eye sockets, chest Hematoma

 from plunging forward??

This includes – broken jaws eye sockets Guttural Pouch injuries and more!!



  • Tying up the Horse Video Portal
  • Tying Up Halter
  • Tying up Lead Rope
  • Introductory Tie up Rope
  • Tying up Collar
  • Protective Work Boots
  • Breaking in Boots


Remember, the safest Horses on the Planet, are those that ‘tie up solid’ and that are ‘Leg Restraints Trained’



Tip-e1577412256400 ” Tying to Twine not only undoes the foundational training of the Starter but it now exposes You to being sued via poor ‘Risk Management” 


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