Breaking in Roller




Most Rollers won’t handle my systems, hence the ‘own for Life’ old fashioned quality of this one, with the Copper Rivets and high class Leather.

Testing and rating the Lateral Mouth of a Horse

   Horse-046-1-300x263   As well, within the double stitched Leather, there is other unseen re-enforcement, to stop any rings letting go.

Comes complete with Latigo’s  but NOT the Girth. ( I don’know the sizes of Peoples Horses)

see the range of ‘Roller Girths‘

For interest…..the Cob Roller Girth fit’s  Ponies and up to 15 Hands and full fits those above.


Go here for complete re-mouthing package

This one will last You a Life Time


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Full, Cob, Pony