Dressage Coaching Online


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Dressage Coaching Online gives You a wonderful chance to:

  • Get a second opinion
  • Have a complete assessment of You and Your Horse
  • Find out of there are any Veterinary issues standing in Your way

Trouble with Your Dressage – Horse playing up – getting frustrated??….

Dressage Coaching Online is your answer.


Dressage Lessons with Linda O'Leary


Linda O’Leary now teaches LIVE Online at Your Place. London, Scotland, New York, NZ and more. Dressage Coaching Online.





  • A Camera or Mobile Phone on the Net
  • Some Ladies have Bluetooth Head Phones
  • Some use a Video Camera and Hubby 🙂
  • Some use Remote Cameras


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Dressage Coaching Online Ladies in Britain, America, New Zealand and other places, are enjoying having a Coach who has ridden around 8,000 so called ‘problem horses’ or ‘Green Horses’

If You have any issue with a Dressage Horse, Linda can get to the bottom of it for You. Is Your Horse Just another Horse crying out for help?

$88 an Hour


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