Australian Stockman's Bridle

We now live in the Age of the 6/10 end Product. I rank Horse Starting out of 10. Over the past few Years, the maximum I have met has been a 6. It’s not ‘Rocket Science’ Folks. The quality of the end Product depends only upon the quality and quantity of the various systems that are put on the Young Horse at the time. For instance: If You start a Horse using pure Natural Horsemanship systems, it will end up a 6/10 If You start a Horse using just the British Horse Society influence, You end up with a 6/10 […]

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Tying up the Horse

Horse tying up systems

Tying up the Horse can be to twine or to teach them to tie up properly, solidly, never to break away. There are many systems but they haven’t been upgraded for a 100 Years. Trust me, the Horse that ties up solid is far safer throughout Life, with little risk, no matter the mistakes made by us! Across the 50 odd Years and Thousands of Horses, I have basically seen it all, some horrendous injuries and accidents and also, being a Court appointed Éxpert Witness” in matters of ‘Risk Management’ I have seen many Human injuries as well. Life’s protection […]

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Timing is everything

Hi Folks, Over the many Years and thousands of Horses, hopefully one gains an ability to read every move of a Horse in real time ( just as they are reading us) and if You ever strike the lottery and gain “The One Thing”, You will be truly blessed. These Days I “thank the Lord” for my finally getting it, nearing the end of my Career. ( just shows You how dumb I am 😁) Any, this now means that I can read every Horse, in real time, prior to their every move, via their thoughts……just as they do the […]

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 Horses hate being hosed down. Especially around the head area and for a good reason. Often people squirt water into their ears and the horse can’t get rid of it. How would you like that?   Go to the Video Portal for the Video Then you have the young horse that has never been hosed down before and this can be both a drama and dangerous. Here are a few tips to help:   Never do it on cement   Don’t have your horse tied up   Hold the lead rope down about 900mm from the head   Stand directly […]

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Leading Your Horse to Ulcers

Dangerous Horse Leading style

Fairly outrageous proposition?…….yes, it may be but trust me, I see it all the time. You will find numerous articles on this Website and You may wonder why? The fact is that I and probably every other Professional Horse Trainer in the World, owes at least 75% of their work and income, to the substandard ‘ground manners’ of the Horse. ( Ground Manners meaning the Human simply doesn’t know how to achieve it) If I may pass on to You, that the Horse is the most co-operating of Animals and really only wants to please us Humans.  How many times […]

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Lunging Systems for the Horse

  Lot’s of horse owners lunge really well. The horse trains them that way. Just watch them where ever you go. The horse runs around at the end of the stiff lunge rein whilst the owner runs around a smaller circle but lunges just as well. The whole time fighting against the pull of the horse. Well I suppose it is good for their health at least. Seriously though, it is your choice how your horses is trained to lunge so here are a few basic rules to go by. Here is a recent ‘Tip of the Week’ that I […]

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Are You Training a Leg Climber?

 Leading a Horse like this is one of the contributing causes of Ulcers in the Horse   Of all the Problem Horses that I have met, there has been a predominant common link to that of various forms of ignorance and resistance in the ground manners. Of the various forms of ignorance in ground manners, the cause has been the manner in which the owner has simply led the horse. I have NEVER MET an Owner who comes with a WEBBING HALTER that has acceptable Ground Manners on their Horse When a horse learns to pull, lean, push, fail to […]

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Webbing Halters and ignorant Horses

British Horse Society failed teachings

Webbing Halters and ignorant Horses go ‘Hand in Hand’, they match each other perfectly and with their joining, Millions of unhappy Horses are alive around the World Today.       “I have never felt a light headed, responsive headed horse that normally wears a webbing halter.” Webbing halters cause ignorant headed horses and they are Sad Horses! WEBBING HALTERS traditionally and almost always come with…….. The English Way – inviting the Fight You can’t win! This almost always insures ‘Ignorant Headed Horses of unhappiness and confusion’ VERSUS   THE ROPE HALTERS which almost always is accompanied with Light Horses […]

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To Tie to Twine ……or not?

Should horse owners demand that their horses tie up solid no matter what or tie to twine and err on the safe side? A hotly debated topic that’s for sure. Unfortunately, the question can not be answered with a ‘yes or no’. In a perfect world, every horse should tie solid and we will not own one that doesn’t. If we inherit a horse that doesn’t, we train it to do so. Just today, 3 of them. The best horses tie up solid. They are far better broken in, they are less resistant than other horses and there are many […]

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Feeding time Rules and their EXTREME importance

Feeding time can be one of the most dangerous times for horse owners and I have to warn that the lack of rules causes many horses to be sent to me for re-education. I include buck jumping. Feed time is when horses fight for their position in the pecking order. You are being sized up as to whether you are number one or number two.   Fail in this test of assertiveness and you are destined have a horse that doesn’t respect you. Lack of respect equals problems for you in the future. At Feed time, You are immediately being […]

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