Natural Horsemanship has always been around, probably since the time man first interacted with the horse.  Years ago however, it was packaged by a run of American Trainers with marketing hype, buzz words, ‘touchy feely’ speak and in some cases, an almost Pentecostal delivery. Good on them as so called ‘Natural Horsemanship’ (NH) is a fantastic principal and has enlightened multitudes of closed minded people. However, lost in the euphoria has been the reality that ‘Natural Horsemanship’ as People have come to know it in these times, is only a system of Ground Manners Training. IT IS NOT a system […]

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The Debate   “Do we do it when they are really young, wait until they are weaned or when they are ready to be broken in?.. These are the three beliefs……… If You had seen the trauma and injuries ( including broken Legs and ruptured Guttural Pouch, that I have seen, You would quickly understand why I have written this and attempted to turn Halter Training around in our Country     I often hear and read the debate about when we should be halter breaking the foal. Being a very analytical type, I examine with great interest, every system […]

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farrier working on Foals

I cringe when I am asked to go and halter break a foal, weanling, yearling, 2 yr old or upwards. Two years ago, 20 year old, 25 year old Brood Mares, never halter broken and you know what means to Horse and Handler alike 🙁 Not only is this highly unfair on the poor horses but also the Horse Trainer. High risk for both but it is the horses that I feel for. I have seen them receive everything from broken legs to broken vertebrae whilst fighting against the simple first ask on a lead rope. Blind panic and the […]

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