Stockman’s Hobbles for the Horse

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For many Years, I have found the lack of flexibility of the set length of Chain, together with the size of it, impeding certain sized Horses.

Please see Product image now. As well as this, I have now added a Stainless Steel Ring, to negate the pressure on the Hobble Straps in-built ring (which is a way too greater ask of Leather, no matter the construction. Now, all this is protected.

The Chain is now able to be shortened or lengthened, for different Breeds, conformation or challenge in training.



For the complete Training Online Videos, go here.

Stockman’s Hobbles for the Horse should be the second step, after the front Leg Strap


We supply FENCE WALKER Hobbles and STARTING Hobbles ( for quick on and off)



For Pawing, Digging Holes, fence walking etc. ( use with advance and retreat!!)



For Horse starting and especially touchy types, where you don’t have to muck around with Buckles and place Yourself in Danger


Nothing protects Your Babies better than Leg Restraints Training. Hundreds of our Friends can vouch for it!




Protect the Life of Your Babies Folks. There are lot’s of Man made dangers out there. We have saved the lives of hundreds of Horses.


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