Did You know?…….

    • That over 70% of Jumping and Equestrian Horses have Stomach Ulcers during periods of training and competition


    • 2 out of 3 Endurance Horses have Ulcers immediately after competition


    • Over 58% of competitive Horses have Ulcers after 3 Days of Travel and competition


    • 90% of Racehorses have Ulcers



To add to the Worlds knowledge base on this Subject, most of it Veterinary based, let us relate out personal learning’s, most of which will  not appear in that info. Reason?…because Vets’ ride Lecterns and not generally  Horses.


    • As Horses start to get Ulcers, their Coat deteriorates.


    • Horses Tell you when they are getting Ulcers, you only have to



    • They start to worry more about their environment and are much more alert as they look around for Predators.


    • They Shy more, both under Saddle and in Hand.


    • They Sweat far more and far sooner into a session than normal


    • They stop wanting Cereal Hay and yearn for Green Grass…….’Dr. Green’ as we say.


    • They do improve with the known S4 Drugs that you administer orally.


    • There are no doubt other Natural remedies that can help them.




Now here is the area that you won’t find information about on the Internet:


    • It is our opinion that the proliferation of processed Foods as in Pellets and the like is contributing to the exposition in cases and especially one particular Company in Australia.


    • Incessantly fighting with the Head of the Horse, as taught by the Brtish Horse Society and then Pony Club, causes Ulcers through ‘learned helplessness’. These Horses can NEVER be relaxed and this causes Ulcers.


    • That the Chemicals that they are putting in those Pellets etc, are part of the cause. (Men in White Coats work in Laboratories at Food Companies


    • Genetic Modification of Grains will not help and would not have been considered as yet.


    • The chosen Discipline for the Horse will affect this.


    • The Conformation of the Horse affects it


    • The choosing of the wrongly conformed Horse for the chosen Discipline.


    • and the ‘English Disciplines” affect susceptible Horses the most and that relates to ‘Collection’, and


    • Trainers that don’t use empathy.





We find that it is NOT the ‘Collection’ that is the problem within the ‘English Disciplines’ but ‘Collection’ versus CONFORMATION. Horses that are Born and formed to do it have no trouble.

Here we get to the ‘Conformation of Horses’ and if one is choosing a future Dressage Star, they should think carefully about ‘conformation’…which of course doesn’t get nearly enough attention at the moment. Here is a Horse that is NOT prone to Ulcers


Photo Photo


Seen here at 3 Months…..and now the 2015 F.E.I. Horse of the Year.


VERSUS a Horses that is Prone to Ulcers


















  • The Vets say that Ulcers cause pain which causes sweating. We have found however, that Pain from ‘Unsoundness’ causes Ulcers if not treated or the Horse released from the work…..further….
  • We have found that pain is almost always caused by the Discipline/Collection v Conformation. Therefore, the three Horses immediately above, would have a high chance of being in pain due to ‘Collection’ and therefore get ulcers as they silently suffer. SAD


These are big subjects and the Vet Research People need to study them. Should they read this Article, they may one Day.

Photo Photo





This article is not to discuss Treatments, that has been done and dusted, but do remember, the greatest treatment of them all is good Ol ‘Dr. Green’ ( The Paddock)




This causes Ulcers or Visa Versa. Treat the Horse for Ulcers if it Wind Sucks or stop it completely with my Collar.




Horses tell you everything, if you Listen. Here are 27 such Horses, all sent to us as ‘Problem Horses’ but all found to be Veterinary afflicted.

7 Hours, two Disc (Duel Layer) representing 5 Years of Filming


“27 Horses screaming to be heard – 2 People listening to every word”

If you ever plan on buying a Performance Horse, this Production may save you Thousands $$$$$$ and Years of work.

The Veterinary investigation that Vets cannot do, involving 27 PROBLEM HORSES, all of which were Veterinary Challenged.


Yes, I am listening – are You?

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