Don’t Mouth The Horse If You Haven’t Done The Teeth

Don’t Mouth your Horse if You haven’t done the Teeth. It is unkind

You cannot successfully start or break in a Horse if the Teeth aren’t in top shape. If you try, you will NEVER get a top Mouth due to the pain attached to the Mouthing process and the learned resistance taught. Horses do not trust the Bit or the hands of a Rider if they are hurting.



There is no point in putting the hand up the side of the jaw and having a feel of the front half of the Teeth. No point at all. Horse Dentists and Vet’s often only get the front half of the Molars and miss the rear one’s where the most pain is caused. This can be through degree of difficulty, resistance caused by pain or incompetence.

To check the Mouth of a Horse, the practitioner MUST install a ‘Gag’ on the Horse and use a POWERFUL LIGHT. If one cannot see every millimetre of every Tooth, then the checking is not good enough.



All manner of terrible things may be hiding.


Horses with suspect Teeth can exhibit all manner of indicators as they cry out for help!


1. Bad attitudes
2. Tossing of head under bridle
3. Pushing on bit
4. Bucking
5. Rearing
6. Flipping over
7. Running off
8. Dropping shoulder
9. Left and Right resistance
10. Collection and flexibility resistance
11. Refusing to take a bit
12. Pinning of ears
13. Body soreness (back, shoulders, hocks, stifles, etc)
14. Lead difficulties
15. Loss of speed
16. Not stopping squarely
17. Running backwards
18. Frequent opening of the mouth (gapping mouth)
19. Constant head or face rubbing
20. Unexplained lameness
21. Excessive tail swishing

This Horse was doing this for 7 Years in Holland


Ridden 7 Years like this in Holland


Ridden by a Dutch Team Member

“Horses can only communicate through behaviour. The worse the behaviour the dumber the Owner”


Work required Drugs


Fixing 7 Years of ridden problems


Listen to Your Horses


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