Above The Bit Horse Riding

Above the Bit Horse Riding is in my opinion, a Horse Welfare issue, one that has not been recognized across the Planet 🙁

Please read this new article, to show You  the gravity of this Article!!

Do You think it is fair on the Horse we are supposed to Love, to be swinging off their Mouths for only negative reasons????? Take a look at the Faces on most of them!!!!

Are You an ‘English Discipline Rider’?

Is your Horse ‘on the bit’? Correctly ‘on the bit’?

I write this to make you think. To think about your adequacy in putting a horse ‘on the bit’, in a frame, head down, round or anything else you want to call it. I speak generally. I include all those people who ride the ‘English’ discipline and who do attempt to ride with a contact in order to achieve putting their horse ‘into a frame’

  • Through my observations, the percentage of Australian Horse Riders’ who cannot achieve this task would roughly be say, at least 80%

  • Those who cannot get a horse to travel properly ’round’ and giving it’s back would be 90%, and………..

  • The those who can achieve ‘engagement’ would be less than 5%

Why is it so? Many of these people have regular Riding Lessons from Coaches. So why the problem? Does this mean that the vast majority of lessons on the subject have just not worked? Obviously. So it must be a Coaching problem then? I think so.


Coaches don’t get assessed, go figure? Let me tell You that if Your Coach hasn’t got You riding Your Horse ‘Soft and properly Round’ within say 3 Lessons, then sack the Coach or get an assessment. How do I know?…..because I watch it every Day.


By the way, none of this is the fault of the Riders’ or anyone else in Australia, it is the Coaching system that lets them down……well…..Pony Club too of course. This is typical of the majority of Pony Club people around the Country, under instruction or not.


and to the Administration, for allowing Jointed Snaffle Bits


Horses that are not ridden correct, develop “Rider induced Veterinary unsoundness“

The Crooked Horse from Horseproblems Australia on Vimeo.


Listen to Your Horses

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