Testing the Lateral Mouth of all Horses that I work on, is the reason I am still able to ride rough Horses at my age, is because of this Mouthing system and the One Rein Stop.

Trust me Folks, don’t listen to anyone who says “Ride Him through it!”……We had one Bucked off this Week!

  • Go to the Round Pen.
  • Install a good quality Roller and have a bridle with an FM Bit fitted.
  • Clip your lunge rein through the side D-Ring of the Roller and onto the bit.
  • Without warning, haul the horse to a ‘One Rein Stop’ Use at least 20 kilo of weight. Demand it. NOW!!!
  • Take particular notice of the reaction of the horse. Did it open the mouth wide, set the jaw. Did it feel like having a ‘white pointer’ shark on the end of the line.
  • Did it threaten to rear? or
  • Did it give it’s face lightly, flex around to it’s shoulder and stop?


WARNING If your horse starts to spin around, drop the rope so that you do not wrap the horse up. Only do this test in a yard.

If you saw anything like this:


Your horse does not have a Lateral

Mouth and you shouldn’t be riding such an animal!

Here are some photo’s of how they should react to the ground test and for interest, the mouth under saddle. My current breaker.


And, when you pull on the reins, the head should go n this direction:

If you don’t want to BURIED on young, Green or Problem Horses, you need to be able to do this and if you can’t….Good Luck

Go here for the best mouthing and re-educating system in the World.


Put a Roller on your Horse and a set of long reins or ropes. Drive the Horse around the yard and without warning, set your hands in concrete and your feet planted on the ground to be not moved by the Horse. Feel what you feel and rate it out of 10. If you get pulled off your feet, you have a substandard Mouth.

Then, dwell, relax the Horse and the reins, then pick the reins up and demand a back up. Not ask, demand. Feel what you feel and rate it out of 10.

You now know what the integrity of the REAL or TRUE Mouth is. The one that lays beneath the surface. The one that comes out and finds the Horse run with you when frightened. Not the 2 ounces of pressure Mouth.!

Then decide if you are safe in riding such a Horse and go re-mouth it with my Mouthing system. The only one on the Planet that can re-mouth a Horse.


Listen to Your Horses

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