FROM THE MORPHETVILLE EQUINE CLINIC- Adelaide, South Australia   Did You know?……. That over 70% of Jumping and Equestrian Horses have Stomach Ulcers during periods of training and competition 2 out of 3 Endurance Horses have Ulcers immediately after competition Over 58% of competitive Horses have Ulcers after 3 Days of Travel and competition 90% of Racehorses have Ulcers   To add to the Worlds knowledge base on this Subject, most of it Veterinary based, let us relate out personal learning’s, most of which will not appear in that info. Reason?…because Vets’ ride Lecterns and not generally Horses.   […]

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Dressage Horse Rehab

An Article just about the Veterinary and Muscular Rehab of Race Horse – PRIOR TO RIDING!!! This is a massive subject and difficult not to get wrapped up in the many varying issues that these Horses can have, however, this article is about the PREPARATION of the ex Race Horse, for Equestrian Competition. I have particularly in mind, the many 40 something Owners (most who do not have many more ‘go rounds’ in them). This Article is aimed at the following: Too often, new Owners who know no better, just jump on and go about trying to make these completely […]

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This article is written for those entering the Industry for there are high dangers present. A simple check of my Blog will soon show you the proof of my words here below, stories of problems in their Thousands, now dated back to 2001 within the 25,000 Letters I have answered. None of any of this is the fault of the lovely Horses, of which I have broken in hundreds and they are all just normal Horses 86% OF EX RACE HORSES ARE UNSOUND TO SOME DEGREE WHEN LEAVING THE TRACK it matters not that they only Trialed, further…….  (These stats […]

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  The Wind Sucking Horse has a Veterinary Problem. It is not a vice but is also a legal trigger for a Veterinary Surgeon to reject a horse during an inspection for sale. The wind sucker is often under weight and I have even seen them so bad that they have died of mal nutrition because of their incessant desire to be carrying on their habit. Wind Sucking becomes a drug addiction with horses. They are addicts. Each time they suck and gulp air they receive a hit of endorphins which is similar to a drug, hence it’s addiction.   […]

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  PLEASE NOTE This all Natural, it comes to You as Interlectural Property that will guard Your Horses throughout Life and possible save You Thousands. We have NEVER had a case of Sand Colic! Read the many Stories below or go here to buy for a token $25, to cover my Insurance and much time spent on the Phone with Friends. O’Leary Sand Colic Prevention Remedy   It is NOT AS SIMPLE as they dangerously write on Internet Forums!!!!!! – Don’t put Your Horse at Risk!!     FOR THE RECORD This was invented by my Uncle, Jo O’Leary,  a […]

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