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Veterinary Assessment Online is a token service to help Horses and Owners from expense and often, Years of grief 🙁


We have met Thousands of Unsound Horses across our Career an most of them were labelled ‘Problem Horse’


So we set out to prove 27 so called ‘Problem Horses’? were in fact unsound despite having been to Vet’s, Chiro, Pysio, Bowen Professionals and others and passed as sound. We proved them all UNSOUND!!



The Horses never Lie. They always speak the Truth



Listen to Your Horses from Horseproblems Australia on Vimeo.


Give the Vet a helping Hand and point Him in the right direction. It will save You more than the token payment.


images-e1581215464347   Some of the MOST prolific Sellers’ of unsuitable Horses, are our Equestrian Australia Coaches


Dec 2019

Assessment of Stock Horse doing flatwork. We pointed out probable unsoundness and probably Ulcers



Hi John and Linda, Thank you so much for your help yesterday in Victor Harbour.

Flew home to the ACT and did the ulcer pressure point check on Tycoon. I thought you might be interested in the video. When he turns his head he is gently nipping me. So I think he has a mild case of ulcers. He had no food yesterday or today and I’m giving him your sand treatment tonight. Here’s the link. Best Emma






  • Dot Point List of the Story and timeline
  • Video if possible
  • Photos of the Horse standing DEAD SQUARE, from front, side and rear.


We have the best rehab systems on the Planet, proven time and time again for Stifle or Sacro Problems and can see things that many cannot.


Equine Sacroiliac Repair Systems




June, 2018

John. I am having trouble getting Muscle on this Filly and she prefers to go one way???……….



Hi Pete. Your Horse has upward fixation of the off side Patella. Contact us and we can probably fix Her without Veterinary intervention.


JUNE, 2018



He is 9 yrs, Riding Pony x t/bred 15.2h – bred by Langtree Stud in Victoria
Apparently no issues on the ground, very forward and bold, qualified Melb Royal hacking 2 years ago -I am wanting a good trail horse, comfortable canter, ability to smoothly go from a standstill or walk into slow canter,


Hi Martin.

Well, I have to say that it is a wonderful place to be at this stage of my Life, to basically be psychic when it comes to these sorts of things. We are normally ‘on the money’

This Horse is in Pain and the results are seen in the Body of the Horse. The other Photos You sent show clearly, the damage done by compensation of action and more. Do not lease it.

I would predict that it is unsound, for a number of reasons.

The Horse is also showing a LACK OF CARE, meaning the Owners have sacked Him. I wonder why? Terrible neglected Tail, being trodden out. Manure not healthy ( always tells a story) and the Horse is NOT IN A HAPPY PLACE in life

I could go on and on but very busy. He has major compensation Muscle De-generation and other stuff. Besides, if You want the Arm Chair Canter, this Breed would be the last to buy. The Horse is Rump High.

Please also note the psychology of the Sellers with their words ” very forward and bold” You don’t want VERY FORWARD but for your interest, every Seller, subconsciously drops a GET OUT CLAUSE when they are worried about a Horse. VERY FORWARD is this one. He is Bum High as well, but they all are in that Breed.

As I said, I could delve far deeper but that will do for now. There are other Pain related effects to the Body of this Horse.? My advice is to walk away.





  • The Vet said he was sound and to ride. We advised a second opinion. He was found to have a torn Collateral Ligament and had 9 Months off.
  • The Vet said he can be ridden two weeks after constant nose Bleed. We picked Cancer. The Horse collapsed and died a Week later. After, the Vet said it was bitten by a Snake……yea right!
  • The Dressage Horse wouldn’t give it’s back and was crooked on one side. He was found to have Sacroiliac Problems.
  • and about 2 others per Week.


Remember….You only have so many Horses in Your Career. Don’t waste Your Life!!



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