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29th December, 2018

Life’s Stories of Mr. HP




Hi Folks.

I don’t know why, but my Life has continually attracted, events that are far above normal and some could indeed be made into a Hollywood Movie.
I have met them all. The Crooks, Criminals and Con’s. Nothing surprises me anymore and nothing phases me either.
I’ll start easy and work up over 2019. You won’t believe some of them and will be riveted.

The explosive stories, will only appear on my “Premium Blog” however. ( $4,000 value for $99 a Year), including things like the “Pedophile Premier of SA, the ‘Beaumont Children’ and much more.









His name was Dave Bishop, an old Derro who lived in Yankalilla. He dropped in one Day, to Comic Court Lodge and introduced Himself, saying that he had been in the ” Light Horse” but no longer had the opportunity because he didn’t have a Horse anymore. He liked a Beer and we found Him dropping in regularly, around ‘knock off time’ and enjoying the end of the Day with all the Boys and their yarns and ‘Tall Stories’ about their Day on the Ranch, riding the Race Horses, Riding School Horses and ‘Breakers’. Old Dave was in his element but again, never brought a Beer along, just like the THE BOY FROM THE BUSH OR WAS HE ( below)


High Country Trails


The Yankalilla Show was upcoming and indeed, it would be his Life’s Dream, to ride in the Troop. We decided to make his Day 🙂

On the Property, we had an 18 Hands Old Percheron, named ‘Bo Jangles’ so we decided to train Him up for the Grand Parade at the Yankalilla Agricultural Show, where the “Light Horse’ were to indeed, lead the Parade. Imagine if we could get Old Dave up to scratch.

So we first decided to to train Bojangles up to Harness, in other words throw everything at the Horse in order to ‘Bomb Proof’ Him for his first time experience, out in Public and indeed, in among Cows, Farm Equipment and all the other things You see in the Grand Parade, of course to protect the Passenger ( who would be like a Rag Doll )

One evening, having got Him going reasonably, we decided to all go up to the Normanville Pub , by harnessing up ‘Bo Jangles’ and hooking Him to a Brick Pallet, which we would head up the Main South Road, on the Bitumen, all jumping on for the ride away we went Life's Stories - The Mongrels I have met Horse Problems Australia

However, we only got 100 Metres, when one of the Boys’ Dogs, an American Staffie, completely lost his plot at the noise of the Pallet being dragged on the Bitumen, that he started attacking all of us.

He went Mad 🙂 Thankfully, the Pallet was full of Young Cowboys with ‘Cuban Heeled Boots’ and I tell You, the Dog copped as good as he gave, ending with Him being driven off and to the Pub we went Life's Stories - The Mongrels I have met Horse Problems Australia

A Hell of a Night. You should have been there Life's Stories - The Mongrels I have met Horse Problems Australia


High Country Trails


Well, along came the Yankalilla Show and we got permission for Dave to lead the Troop, all dressed up in the Uniform, with sundry War Medals adorning his Chest, which was pushed out so far he looked like Statue 🙂

The Grand Parade assembled and after devising a way to get Him on the Horse, off a Hay Stack,  away they went, entering the Oval with Dave Bishop out in front, Grin from Ear to Ear and Old ‘ Bo Jangles’ plodding along like he had done it for many Years Life's Stories - The Mongrels I have met Horse Problems Australia


Well, he went a full lap, not looking back once, transfixed on the course ahead, but when he reached the entrance Gate ( where the Grand Parade participants were still entering.

Jersey Cows, john Deere Tractors, Hay Balers, the odd Alpacca and much more) he lost the plot. Instead of stopping, he kept on riding, straight through the entrants’, leaving the Troop stationary, on the other side.

It was one of the funniest things we have ever seen and he ended about 100 metres in front of the rest of them, still pushing the Chest out and with Old Bo Jangles looking equally Proud. He never did re-join them, he couldn’t hahahahaha. A true shambles and worth all our work Life's Stories - The Mongrels I have met Horse Problems Australiaroll on 2018.

Back in the Day, I owned a 410 Shotgun and my Brother, sundry Veterinary equipment, including a set of brand new Emasculaters, for gelding out own Horses. We lost track of them back then and had no idea where they had gone.





The Phone rang one Day and it was a Country Police Officer from North Queensland.” Mr John O’Leary?”

Yes You are registered as owning a 410 Shotgun, is that right?  Well Officer, we used to have one in the Family, I think it was my Dad’s but we have lost total track of it.

The South Australian Police have asked us a few times.  Ok then, do You know a Bloke called Dave Bishop? Life's Stories - The Mongrels I have met Horse Problems Australia. I sure do know Him, why? well he died last Week and when we went through his House, we found this Shotgun!

The bloody Old Bastard I exclaimed, so he knocked it off! Life's Stories - The Mongrels I have met Horse Problems Australia . You didn’t happen to find a set of Emasculaters did you? to which he answered,  as a matter of fact we did Life's Stories - The Mongrels I have met Horse Problems Australia Thanks Officer, send it down when You get a chance.

Well it took 6 Months but he posted it in normal Australia Post Mail would You believe ( for we can hardly have one out of the Gun Safe seems odd to me) but it duly arrived and I have shot about 100 Rabbits with it since.

So there You go. The Mongrels  I have met. You never know who will be next Life's Stories - The Mongrels I have met Horse Problems Australia







” As I glanced across the back of our Paddocks, I saw Him tearing down the Hills of the adjoining Equestrian Centre. I swear, he looked like the ‘ Man from Snowy River”.

The thing that struck me most, was the Hat. It was a ‘ Dead Ringer’ for Sim Dusty’s, in fact, he looked a lot like Slim Dusty and I was left with the clear impression, that he could ride like Hell 🙂

A couple of Weeks later, ‘ blow me down’  he drove in the front Gate, I knew Him instantly,




because of the Hat. I wonder what he wanted?

After initial intro, he spoke of his concern or a problem with the Wither of his Horse, a Standardbred Pacer, just off the Track. Of course, I agreed and we jumped in the Car and went around.

What I saw was truly shocking, the Horse had Puss pouring out between the Vertebrae at the top of the Wither, just where the front fo the Saddle Site, the Puss encrusted down the Shoulder, the Legs and to the Ground.


ill fitting saddle


I couldn’t believe my eyes Life's Stories - The Mongrels I have met Horse Problems Australia

I asked to examine his Saddle and was shocked to find no padding below the Cantle and a sharp lump of Steel that had been bearing his weight as he sped across the Paddocks for 2 Weeks. Oh, the mighty Standardbred, God’s Horses 🙁 I simply don’t know how he coped with it. The Horse was put down a couple of Days later 🙁

Anyhow, the Bloke started dropping in to our evening Camp Fires, with my Apprentice Horsemen and he did that for a Month or so. Drank plenty but never brought along a Beer 🙂

He said he was from Broken Hill and that his Brother ran a Trail Riding Outfit up there and this fitted well with his image and his Hat Life's Stories - The Mongrels I have met Horse Problems Australia We had no reason at all, to view Him as anything other than a Top Horseman.

He asked me start an unbroken 2 Year Old Palamino Quarter, which I did but apart from my Hand over Ride, on our arena at Gainsborough, at the walk, we never saw Him Ride. It was quite bizarre!

Down the back of our Property, I had the Horse agisted in a Paddock, that had a massive and sprawling Gum Tree, with low hanging Limbs. The only time we saw Him ride the Young Horse, was in it’s Paddock ( something never done before on the Property)  and BEHIND the big Gum Tree. It was quite some talking point around the Equestrian Centre and sure had us puzzled as well Life's Stories - The Mongrels I have met Horse Problems Australia

Anyhow, the following Week, we were all planned to ride newly started Horses, out around the Suburb and invited ‘ The Man from Snowy River” along with us. ” No worries” he replied but wasn’t up to the stage of taking his Pally, so we organized a very quiet Appy that was hanging around the Property at the time. So we all saddled up and out the gate we went.

It took me about 50 metres, to become quite confused about what he was doing upon the Horse. It was wandering all over the place and considering we were traveling along the edge of an 80k speed limit Suburban Road which was quite dangerous. I found myself starting to instruct Him in Rein Steering, just like a first time Learner Rider. It was bizarre and I was confused, surely he had to be a Horseman? Life's Stories - The Mongrels I have met Horse Problems Australia

Anyhow, we traveled and made it down the road about 300 metres, to where there is a Cross Roads. On one Corner is a Church and to the left, a Cemetery but we were traveling to the right, to go to the Cobblers Creek Trails for a few Miles. We were joking and laughing as usual and had taken our minds off  ‘The Man’, so we had turned to the right and traveled about 100 metres when suddenly one of the Boys’ asked where he had gone? he wasn’t with us!!!! We looked back and to our shock and dismay, he had TURNED LEFT and was off his Horse, in front of the Cemetery, with hands on his knees and VOMITING!

I won’t tell You what the conversation was on our side of the Road but, as one, we knew right then that he had been scamming us from Day one and indeed, that he was a total fraud. Ge got us Life's Stories - The Mongrels I have met Horse Problems Australia

We simply rode off and left Him, being most relieved when we got Home, that the Horse had been returned unscathed and had survived the experience.

We don’t know where he went or what was the fate of the lovely 2 year Old but will never forget Him. Rest in Peace lovely Standardbred Horse. We never did get a Beer out of Him but he must have drank 10 Cases of ours 🙂





Mrs. HP was offered a very nice Warmblood Horse, from Holland and flew there to have a ride. At the time she was having Lessons with a Dutch National Squad Member and so she took the Horse for a group of Lessons, to be able to make up Her mind whether to proceed or not. ($25,000 Air Freight)


Of concern, was the tendency of the Horse to suddenly throw its Head, up into the Face of the Rider and then go on fine, even though the temperament of the Horse was perfect. So in order to rule out any major problems for the future, we decided to pay to have the Horse ridden and trained, for 6 Weeks, after which Mrs. HP would fly back to Holland, taking me with Her, for a final look, prior to Purchase. This is what we saw……..

Indeed, the Horse was precisely the same, with the same problems that were present 6 Weeks earlier.


21st February, 2020