Equine Science Training Systems

Dr. Paul McGreevy

Your Horse Industry is being taken over by stealth and You may not know it. There is a Master Plan that has been laid out, by the Scientific Community, to take control of the Industry and to replace 200 Years of History in Training, with the new future, that of Equine Science Training Systems.

You will see my motivation for writing this article as You read through but the primary motivation is the genuine concern about the diminishing of Horse Training and Risk Management systems, throughout the Industry and the insult to the great Horse Trainers of the last 200 Years. During the last 10 Years, I have had to re-educate many Horses, the product of Equine Science systems. They come with 3 basic categories. Bolting, Rearing or Learned Helplessness.

Juliana Waugh AO

Sarah Waugh was killed at the T.A.F.E. College in Dubbo, completely unnecessarily, and Juliana went on to win Her Order of Australia, by getting the N.S.W. Legislation changed and a Federal Senate inquiry into the Industry Risk Management guidelines.


She has recently advised me, that she is totally withdrawing, having been swamped by Intercultural and Committee Types with their own Agenda and one of those being the matter examined in this Article

Part of the reforms, via the Federal Government, is the complete restructuring of the Training Modules for all Trainees in the Equestrian Workplace and here we have the first and substantial indicator of the injection of Equine Science Training Systems, into the Modules, to become the anointed systems, replacing 200 Years of Horsemanship. Here is what has been happening around the Country.



Your incomes are about to be diminished, using the Power of the Federal Government recommendations!!!

Of greater concern….

The last 15 Years, more than enough within the Industry, normally the intellectual types, have jumped upon this and become Soldiers for the cause. Here is one.

You will note, top right (advert for Andrew McLean) – no thanks to Pat Parelli “Yo Yo Game” no thanks to me “Turn head to me” and ” believe nothing and owner says”

So I recently stumbled upon this Video and this triggered this Article. I MUST ‘Level the Playing Field’ in lieu of the tactics threatening us. How dare the auspices of the Federal Government and other NGO’s be used to divert incomes of the Horse Industry!!!!


Now, there are two Doctors’ behind this. Dr. Andrew McLean and Dr. Paul McGreevy, but they are fast being joined by others who are rushing to get PhD’s, like Dr. Kirrily Thompson and now the Head of Horsesa has resigned, also to get the PhD. It is this Badge that gives them all the power, the believably, when none of them are qualified in Horsemanship.

After building intercultural Property for 15 Years, it finally came time for the Scientists to ‘Come Out’ at one of the Melbourne Equitana ‘Way of the Horse’ competitions, where they planned to “Kick the Ass of the Cowboys” and that would give them the ‘Blast Off’ they needed. All was ready.  ABC Quantum, the Science Program, was there with Camera Rolling, but alas, it turned out to be huge disaster (as I knew that it would and actually flew there to Video Tape it) 

I also saw a a Public display of that system.

of course this horse has ‘learned helplessness’, finally halting to urinate

and so to the Annual Horse Starting competition of unbroken Horses and in this case, all of similar character. (Stock Horses)


Now what they should have done was to accept defeat gracefully but they didn’t. They hatched a bunch of Lies and even shot “Fake News Footage”,  (using an Actor) going out of their way to put “Horsemen’ in a bad Light. (no Women shown) McLean even has a crack at me here, with his ‘Leg Restraints” comment.

They then performed a Trick with a Dog where a hidden Human Hand appears to assist, seen by the most observant and then suddenly, the Horse is traveling backwards in a Float, not tied up and thinking about jumping out onto Bitumen, as it goes down the drive. 

Actor found in the Crowd. (who is he?)

Abc Quantum

and of course they did their Spin job, carefully picking out the most dastardly Cowboys they could find in the Crowd 🙂 and then the Actor, in the darkened Round Pen (that McLean’s never use but their Dog does:)

I downloaded Quantum and went through it frame by frame and ‘low and behold’, (a dropped frame that didn’t appear in the TV Show)……front row, complete with his perfectly crafted viewing Hole, the Trick Dog assisting the program 🙂


So in the Years that followed, the movement has grown and much work has been done to take over the Horse Industry, FROM THE TOP DOWN, using the Power of the PhD to impress and to gain traction. Of course, it is succeeding!….example……

Skills Impact – More Stealth – the Adelaide formalizing -Adelaide Airport

It was starting at 9am and I drove 100k and was there 8.45am. I sat at the Board Table for an hour and a quarter, when they all wandered down from the Tax Payer funded luxury Hotel Rooms above, ate Croissants and sundry Cakes and got down to Business around 10.15am.

I looked around the Room and couldn’t find any Horse Trainers. I had expected to see guys like Steve Jeffries, Guy McLean, Dan James, Steve Brady and others, but alas, a Vet from WA, a Race Horse Trainer representing Sheikh Mohamed from Dubai, about 4 Federal Public Servants, a NSW Tafe Person and yes, Julie Fiedler running the Show and a couple of others. It was a Set up.

What was worse, when they started running the audi visual screen, where all the various dot points were assembled for each section of the Legislation, I had no idea what it meant and had zero input. I spoke once in the Day and was shut down by the Sheikhs representative.  It was a fait accompli.

It finished at about 2pm and when I walked across the Airport to the long term parking, I found myself just shaking my Head about what I had just been involved in. I have no idea, other than the fact that my name was against another Scientists driven ambush.

Here are some slides. I have highlighted in red, the proof and how every Young Trainee in the future, will now automatically be brainwashed, by stealth, of the failed Horse Training systems of the unqualified Scientist, who are really only driving their Book and Product Sales, in a way that will give them a Monopoly.

Some of the phrases within the Text adopted by the Government that Day

operant conditioning
learning theory
negative re-enforcement
shaping – changing stimulus gradually

phrases that no Horseman on the Planet, have ever used and likely not even understand!


This means, that Your incomes are going to be progressively diminished, as each of all Employers’ of any Trainer in the Country, reads their guidelines within their Training packages, and get pointed to Government funded promotion of Equine Science Operators. Think about the injustice of that for a moment!!!

So let’s see this ‘Horsemastership. In fact, what You are about to see, is the 200 Year Old British Horse Society/Pony Club same Old.

Pony Club

Yes, it’s already happening Folks. The new Pony Club Curriculum. Equine Science being injected within…like…….


If Your Horse Bites You, push it away and yell ‘STOP!!!!!!!!”

Social License to Operate

So those who now me, know that I can read the future. This is what they are planning….

They are formulating, plans to inject via Government, into the Industry, what they are going to term as “A Social License to Operate” a Horse Business 🙂 This is where the words ‘Equine Ethology’ comes into play.

If You don’t defend, You will be removed from the future searches for ‘Horse Trainer’ because You will be swamped with Registers and Google search terms that will only spit out those who are ‘anointed’ to have a “Social License to Operate’, as judged by the Scientists. Think about that for a moment 🙂

So Horse Trainers everywhere, you may want to factor in a progressive drop in income over the next Years and if You can’t work out why, remember this article.



2 thoughts on “Equine Science Training Systems

  1. john morrison says:

    Gday John and Linda and let’s hope for a better year from today for all of us.
    Great article and raises serious problems for future owners and trainers.
    I was taught by Jim Wilton, trained pacers for 40 years, winning many metropolitan races in NSW, QLD. I also trained and won races in L.A , N.Y., Kentucky and in fact, one of my young employees went to California and in just 2 years become the leading educator there after initially being branded an idiot when they saw him using hobbles !
    So, you would understand my disgust that when I applied for my thoroughbred trainers license, I had to do a $3000 plus paper course to get the license. The course was absolute bullshit, obviously prepared by academics or office clerks and you would not be surprised that not once did anybody come and check if I knew what end to feed but I was paper examined on percentage nutrient values of oats, grasses etc. harassment, workers comp. rules, media issues and did “example” defenses for steward hearings and how to write an add to employ staff.
    I got the license ok but disappointed that I was not given a Phd to acknowledge all the modules I completed.
    Keep up the good work. Regards

    1. Thanks John. The Damage goes on Daily. Christmas Eve, Lady down the Road here, new Green Horse arrived Home, got kicked in the Back Yesterday and to Hospital. These systems are anti Horse and as I predicted, the accidents are coming, so to the Deaths:(


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