O’Leary ‘Buck Stopper’



The O’Leary Buck Stopper was invented accidentally but with good reason. There is at least one other, which entails putting a nylon cord over the top Gum of the Horse, back through the Bridle and tied to the Saddle, so that when the Horse plunges the Head to the Ground to Buck, it runs into the Cord.  O’Leary ‘Buck Stopper’ is completely non evasive and cannot do damage. It does not focus on the Mouth of the Horse at all. Tested over two Years by John O’Leary, including two bad Bucking Horses, with success. Photo attached To be used during suspect times, ‘Green Horse’ stages, ‘girthy Horses‘ and so on. Just until they get confidence. 

Here is a serial Bucker with one of my Clients, 2 Weeks ago…….



Some feedback from the buckstopper customer:

“I tried out the buckstopper today and it works great. He went to throw a tantrum and as soon as he tried to chuck his head down he just stopped and I could see him trying to process it, kept working with him and he just stops now instead of bucking which makes it easy to settle him then ask for forward again. I’ll keep going with it for a few months until he’s past the suspect stage. Please pass on my feedback to John O’Leary if you can, the video was great as well. Thanks heaps! Pete”

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