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O’Leary Wind Sucking Collar  (1975) is the most proven and most comfortable option for Horses around the World.

I have sold over 5,000 of them with possibly 3 failures.

They are designed to be THE MOST Horse Friendly and comfortable of all with English Leather and Metal fittings, Kid Leather for protection and Neoprene for comfort. No electric Shocks, no Metal rubbing and more.




They are a fav in Hong Kong for the Race Horses.

There is no photos on site due to the thieves these Days.






That Horses don’t learn wind sucking from other Horses……


we know they do and have seen it many times. Here is another,


Today, 24/7/20


Yes had him in an electric area however was sucking on trees and also piles of shelter 😢 have just contacted a herbalist to see what she can recommend. Such a pity as he learnt it from his mum. Started before weaning And I recently let him out of his paddock into a 5 acre one with the horse I ride and it’s worsened significantly as those fences are not electric


8th August, 2020


Hi John,

Wind Sucking Collar arrived and I popped it on the fb that gets anxious with any other collar- he was quite antsy when I went to put it around his neck, but relaxed the minute it wasn’t over his forehead as well, and has been happy and relaxed ever since… and NO wind sucking at all. I’m thrilled, this horse was pulling so hard on the rails and posts that he’s cost me literally hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in replacing stay assemblies and posts that he pulls out of the ground.

I’d like to get another one for the other horse too, but I’m not sure if I’d be better with a warmblood size. Can you please advise from the photos attached if I’ve got the Wind Sucking Collar correctly fitted and if it’s the right size? The soft padding ends around his ear level on both sides- should it go the entire way around?

Kind regards,

Sally Hudson




Hi John

This the second  Wind Sucking Collar I have bought for our OTT thoroughbred and it has been THE only thing that has worked! Our dentist recommended it to us years ago as we concerned about the condition of his upper teeth. Since using the collar his teeth have slowly recovered. Thanks for a great product!!

Cheers Maria




About two years ago I bought one of your leather  Wind Sucking Collar which I think is marvelous.
Do you keep records that far back as I would like to purchase another one and find there are two sizes on your website and cannot remember which one I purchased.

Wynards Farm
Winfrith Newburgh

If you do not have the records of old sales, perhaps you could let me know which size I require. The collar is 27 1/2″ or 70cm in length without the straps.
Many thanks,
Judy Canaven




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