Horse Leg Restraints Training complete package


LEG RESTRAINTS TRAINING  – The greatest add on to Horse starting with at least 30 flow on benefits!


Horse Leg Restraints Training package provides a big saving!


$669.65 Less 20% for the lot. $535.72

Including express Postage




  • The DVD’s
  • Front Leg Strap
  • Back Leg Strap
  • Breaking in Collar
  • Back Leg Hobbles
  • Collar Rope
  • Knee Hobbles
  • Work Boots
  • Breaking in Boots (2 fronts)

note-1 excludes: side line, pawing chain, foal hobbles


It’s Simple, Leg Restraints Train Your Horses Folks and You don’t get injuries + 30 other flow on benefits.



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