Off the forehand

Hubby here 😍

Thankfully, I don’t have to be biased, as the Years of proof are on the board.

Linda and I have been together now, 30 Years and have battled through Thousands of aggrieved Horses, many of them Dressage Horses.

As a result, Linda has many skills and a huge knowledge base to reflect upon, particularly in the area of the following:

  • Psychological affected Horses
  • Veterinary Challenged Horses
  • Conformationally challenged Horses
  • ‘Green Horses’
  • Junior Horses and all the way to Grand Prix
  • Muscle Development of the Dressage Horse

Linda has successfully trained and competed, all the way from Unbroken, 3 Grand Prix Horses and another one coming now and winning the State F.E.I. Horse and Rider of the Year (2015) with the highest Grand Prix score of the State.


As of December, 2020, I will now be available for Coaching in other areas that I will drive to, providing there are a minimum of 4 Lessons. Individual Lessons within that area, close by, will be then fine as well, providing I am already conducting Coaching as described.

or be taught live Online……

Phone 0418814029


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