Natural Horsemanship 20 foot Lead Ropes





Natural Horsemanship 20 foot Lead Ropes, come with a Brass Clip, the best and most balanced of the Clips BUT…..they should never be used to tie up any Horse that may pull back, for Brass is soft and will bent. See below

Tying up Ropes come with BULL CLIP

NH Ropes with BRASS CLIP

What You manufacture on the Ground, you inherit under Saddle ……..HP


Basically EVERY ‘Problem Horse’ I have met, have arrived with Halters and Lead ropes like many of these. The Pony Club ‘Fair Floss’ Lead Ropes, half the length they should be….which is why there is so much fighting.



There are NO ignorant Horses in the Western World…have you noticed that????


Yes, Crap Lead Ropes and Halters. (go read the webbing halter) With every well mentally well-balanced Horse, comes Natural Horsemanship  Lead Ropes.


Across my Career, of Thousands of Horses and around 100,000 People, as with every other Professional Trainer on the Planet, Ground Manners dictate success or failure.

So, over 85% of all so-called ‘Problem Horses that I have met, have been caused only by Ground Manners confusion and fighting. (hence my pre-occupation of this within my



I do beg You, leave the ‘Dark Ages’ behind and get with the new World.



compress-e1577100651177   “I am listening to You”


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