Australian Stockman's Bridle

We now live in the Age of the 6/10 end Product. I rank Horse Starting out of 10. Over the past few Years, the maximum I have met has been a 6. It’s not ‘Rocket Science’ Folks. The quality of the end Product depends only upon the quality and quantity of the various systems that are put on the Young Horse at the time. For instance: If You start a Horse using pure Natural Horsemanship systems, it will end up a 6/10 If You start a Horse using just the British Horse Society influence, You end up with a 6/10 […]

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training the green horse

Extended English Bridle Reins

Each Year, Thousands of Young Horses make their way into the ridden World. The majority of Owners are ill equipped for You can’t learn to ride the ‘Green Horse’ by owning one or two. This article is aimed at passing on the absolute best practice, to help Horses and Owners who may read it. After riding Thousands of them, I do hope You benefit. True Unity I would submit, that above all else, You want the ‘Green Horse‘ to like You, to trust You and even more, feel like a Partner, right? You don’t want to ‘pee it off’, do […]

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Rein handling of the “Green Horse”

Rein Control of the Green Horse

When You climb aboard a ‘Starter’ you need to know that it ‘knows nothing’ It doesn’t know what Leg’s are, aids are……put ‘Leg on’ a Starter and they will likely Buck, kick a Starter and it will definitely Buck, but it is the Mouth that is of all importance. Thousands of “Green Horses” have asked me to write this article and I thank them for their wisdom over the Years. Most have half a Kilo of Steel inside their Mouths and they have Zero idea what a ‘Contact’ is or why would You pull against their Mouth, (other than the […]

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To take the Contact or not?

Horses are Born resisters!…..if I Hand a Horse over to an Owner, with a 10/10 Mouth and that Owner is an Amateur, the Mouth will be down to a 6/10 in 7 Days. Did You know that Racehorses go around with an average of 80kg on their Mouths? I often get asked about light hands when referring to the rein control of horses.  This has to the most confused subject in the Horse Industry, the one subject that is largely kept back from pupils imho and the one that causes the most failed training scenarios of all. Video, Trainers, Coaches […]

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How to ride and fix the Bolting Horse is Dedicated to Jane Goodwin……   BRITISH HORSEMANSHIP CLAIMS ANOTHER LIFE   A teacher was killed when she was thrown from her beloved horse A school teacher died in a freak accident when she was thrown off her horse – described as the “love of her life.” Animal lover Jayne Goodwin, 44, was heard shouting “she’s going” before falling from her “flighty” six-year-old Friesian Kali on January 9 last year. However, coroner David Hinchliff said the mare had developed a habit of suddenly setting off before her rider was properly mounted. “She […]

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Lot’s of horse owners lunge really well. The horse trains them that way. 🙂   Just watch them where ever you go. The horse runs around at the end of the stiff lunge rein whilst the owner runs around a smaller circle but lunges just as well. The whole time fighting against the pull of the horse. Well I suppose it is good for their health at least. Seriously though, it is your choice how your horses is trained to lunge so here are a few basic rules to go by. “The lunging process is the time when the young, […]

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the anti-rearing bit – necessary or gimmick

Go here for Bits   I was at a Vet Clinic the other day and saw the Vet Nurse install an anti rearing bit on a fairly drugged two year old horse. Obviously, it is Company Policy to use them on all unbroken horses at the minimum. The particular Clinic was near a Race Course and I know that it is the policy of all Racing Clubs throughout Australia at least, to install anti rearing bits or a bridle which has a similar bit, on every horse that is being led. I am totally against the use of the Anti-Rearing […]

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The ‘Pleasure Rein’ – making of the happy Horse

** Go here for all sorts of EXTENDED REINS   THE PLEASURE REIN I am convinced that I must be the only one on the Planet that see’s the pain of Horses that are ridden in the British Horse Society fashion, a system that is handed down across the World, via Pony Club, Military and Mounted Police. The ridden Rein handling fashion is the culprit for the terrorization of Horses everywhere and is a disgrace. As a prolific ‘Problem Horse’ Trainer of 50 Years, I find it quite incredible that People cannot see the damage done to Horses everywhere by […]

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Pony Club Hands

  Pony Club Hands are formed, often on the hard side and with many other habits that largely last a life time.   I realize that many of you accuse me of ‘Pony Club Bashing’ but remember, everything I say is for the Good of Horses and the good of the Kids. Every Day, around the World, countless combinations suffer needlessly. Virtually every Week and this Week twice (which has prompted this) I get cases of so called PROBLEM HORSES. Read this…… is the latest March 2020.       here is another   and some others over time……   […]

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