Resistance In The Mouth Of The Horse

There are many reasons why Horses are resistant to the Bit but I will also rank them in order of the reason for cause. The most prolific at the top. As I write, I shall take the occasional Photo out of the window of the F-Truck :)


Possibly Teeth


The ability to ‘collect’ is directly influenced by the design of the Body and as such, the majority of Horses don’t suit the ‘English Disciplines’. Therefore, they have to resist….for they just can’t do it.


Veterinary issues with the Horse

In my experience, over 50% of Horses are unsound in some way. That can be directly unsound or ridden unsoundness, caused by Riders.

Bad Hands

Horses that cope with Riders’ with ‘Bad Hands’ have to resist to protect themselves.


Substandard Coaching

Such Coaching in Australia is rife and is caused by the failed design of the Coaching systems in Pony Club and the EA, that gains it’s Roots from the BHS
A failure to understand the principles of ‘reward and relief”
Still, the majority of Horse Riders’ still do not understand the essence of non resistant Riding is found in the principals of ‘reward and relief’


Old fashioned Bits”


The World has moved on from the ‘Nut Cracker Bits’ which clang the Horse in the Roof of the Mouth and squeeze the Bars when the Reins are pulled. Go here for the next Generation. Bits

Teeth not attended to    


Sore Mouths equal ‘resistance’
Tight Nose Bands

How would you like it? Would you resist?

Obesity of Riders (the ever growing new Age problem)


This is becoming an increasing problem for Horses. Bit Fat People, many of who are picking Smaller Horses so they don’t have to fall as far. Such Riders make Horses ‘brace’ their backs from the Pain of it all. Braced Backs equals resistance via the Bit.

A lack of ‘suppleness’

The ‘Supple Horse’ is the one that wants to ‘lighten and soften to a lower frame’

Not ‘inside Leg to Outside Rein”

And the MAJORITY of Horse Riders plus many Coaches, don’t understand this Principal, which unless used, cannot achieve ‘lightness’ and ‘softness’

The vast majority of ridden Horses from the ‘English Disciplines” are ‘above the Bit’ . Horses do this for all of the reasons above. They do so largely, to protect themselves from pain, discomfort, caused by all of the above. Many of them translate their worry into unhappy Faces for Life is not a Happy time when being ridden.


Along with this comes all of the other things spoken about in the Veterinary section of this Website. Hollow backs, Rider induced Veterinary Problems and then the behavioral problems as the Horse constantly tries to communicate with the Rider, but they don’t ‘listen’

Putting up with Life

In short, if you ride the ‘English Disciplines” and don’t ride the Horse to where it is in ‘softness’ on the Bit, you are being unjust to Your Horse. That my Friends is such an inconsistency with the aspirations of Horse Riders everywhere for they love their Horses with a passion and yet are unkind to them when Riding.


Horses are never naughty

I just told you I am at the Dressage, watching the Horses in turmoil with all the loving Facebook Queens riding badly….but now it is time for my Wife to have her second start on her Prelim Horse who is going well and should win………but hang on, he takes a wrong lead in the warm-up, when asked to Canter. Then he does it again and again. “Naughty????? most would think so but Trust me, “there are no naughty Horses”, only badly ridden, sore, psychologically affected or confused Horses, each communicating to their Rider in methods of subtlety to SCREAMING which in Horse speak is Bucking or Bolting or Rearing. So here it is……I caught it…..

Happy as he feels a Canter transition being asked for….watch his Body Language and eyes?


Note the concern on his face. “Will Mother be unhappy with this lead????”
He had fallen two Days before, no lameness, no cuts but Resistance has it’s reasons. Listen!!!!  We scratched Him.


Unless Horse Riders’ are taught how to NOT ruin the ‘Brake Pads’ of the Horse and how to RETAIN good Mouths, incorrect Muscle is built on a Daily basis. The more incorrect Muscles are produced, the less the ability of the Horse to do the required tasks, if any type of ‘collection’ is requested.


Go here for the article

So remember Folks, ‘Resistance’ comes with reasons. It is never the Horse, it is always us.
Look in the Mirror often

Mouthing the Horse from Horseproblems Australia on Vimeo.

The very best Mouthing system on the Planet!!

This is the only system that guarantees that Your Horse can’t Bolt. The only one where You can stop a Buck Jumper and frankly, is the reason why I am still starting Horses at the age of 74.



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