training the green horse

Extended English Bridle Reins

Each Year, Thousands of Young Horses make their way into the ridden World. The majority of Owners are ill equipped for You can’t learn to ride the ‘Green Horse’ by owning one or two. This article is aimed at passing on the absolute best practice, to help Horses and Owners who may read it. After riding Thousands of them, I do hope You benefit. True Unity I would submit, that above all else, You want the ‘Green Horse‘ to like You, to trust You and even more, feel like a Partner, right? You don’t want to ‘pee it off’, do […]

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Financing Dressage Horses

Dressage Horse Finance

Financing the Dressage Horse in 2020, see some flash marketing schemes to generate income….big income…..from the Bank Accounts of those entering the Industry. We feel we need to warn You of the many pitfalls, taken from the hard lessons learnt from the procession of Thousands of Riders’ through our Hands. Big money horses have big flashy movement that non professionals have great difficulty in sitting. These Horses are always Warmbloods and often come from Europe or at the very least have the bloodlines of the top proven horses from abroad. To maximize their profits, the Business often promotes Foals as […]

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The only Dressage Training system that protects Horses

After a Life time of my Wife and I working with Thousands of Horses of the ‘English Discipline’, we say with complete confidence, that we have found the ‘Holy Grail’ of both Ground preparation and ridden systems for the Horse

There is an enormous rate of attrition within the various competition disciplines of the Horse Industry, with mega Horses failing from a Veterinary view point and leaving Owners with huge investments in $$ and time, lost, with no Horse to ride or compete.

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Why would You buy an unsuitable Dressage Horse

  The Career of a serious Dressage Rider, probably only allows enough time for less than 10 Horses… many Years have You got to waste???? I see it at every competition and at those competitions, over 50% of all Horses….are unsuitable!!   FROM THE MORPHETVILLE EQUINE CLINIC Did You know?…….   That over 70% of Jumping and Equestrian Horses have Stomach Ulcers during periods of training and competition 2 out of 3 Endurance Horses have Ulcers immediately after competition Over 58% of competitive Horses have Ulcers after 3 Days of Travel and competition 90% of Racehorses have Ulcers SUITABLE FOR […]

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Horse Training Online

  Impulsion in the horse, is controlled power. It is fourth on the “German Training Scale”. It is the desire to go forward but not running with speed but under the control of the rider, at any desired tempo. Impulsion is the amount of activity created to cause more energy and thus expression in the paces.   A horse can only “engage” by coming more on his haunches and therefore showing collection, if the first ingredients of the scale are achieved (relaxation, rhythm,contact) before adding impulsion. If we try and ride the horse forward in an attempt to create impulsion […]

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Roundness in the Dressage Horse

Linda O'Leary

  What is roundness in a horse??? It is when a horse stretches it’s top line longitudinally from the poll to it’s dock over it’s back in an arc. By extending its muscles in this way over it’s back, the horse is better equipped to carry a rider. Creating more muscle build up and strength whilst staying relaxed.   When a horse is worked ‘over the back’, it is asked to stretch the back muscles in an arc in order to lift it’s back in an upwards movement under the saddle. In order to do this correctly ,the horse needs […]

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THE CROOKED HORSE – Toll on Horse and Rider

  When a horse travels crooked, it affects it’s physical well being, relaxation and more.  Most horses are one sided, as we are left or right handed too. With good instruction, you need to work on strengthening the weaker side and be made aware of which one that is. Usually horses are weaker on the right rein but there are exceptions. CAUSES Natural one sidedness Rider induced Crookedness leading to unsoundness Real Veterinary Problems such as Pelvis Damage from Birthing.   THE LITTLE KNOWN HUGE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE TRAINER Have had many Thousands of ‘Green Horses’ through our Hands, it […]

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  Building the Top-Line of the Horse is one of the most valuable support mechanisms that you can provide Your Loved one’s.   Across the Thousands of Horses that I have been fortunate enough to ride, I have gradually learnt and developed systems that at this point in time, I find impossible to replace. I can’t provide systems here but will simply put some points. You may Book a Lesson with me, Live, via Facetime. I teach Ladies around the World.   Dressage Coaching Online     To follow the ‘German Training Scale‘ is absolutely crucial. To ride ‘Inside Leg […]

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