I often get asked about light hands when referring to the rein control of horses.  This has to the most confused subject in the Horse Industry, the one subject that is largely kept back from pupils imho and the one that causes the most failed training scenarios of all. Video, Trainers, Coaches and experts everywhere, are most often very politically correct these days and will rarely let the plebs’ see what happens in the ‘real world’, how they themselves ride (behind closed doors) and why those at the top have so much success.   Mouths range from an ounce to [...]
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Long reining and mouth damage, means outside the Round Pen, wandering around the Property. A process that I describe as a Trainer getting a ‘warm inner glow’ that the Horse can be stopped, before mount up 🙂 There are many accidents with this system and once a Horse gallops off with the Reins flapping behind the Legs, few can fix them. I have had many through here! I have two points that I would like to make about the use of ‘Long Reins” in the breaking in ( starting) process of the young horse. That of the hundreds of previously long [...]
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Resistance In The Mouth Of The Horse

There are many reasons why Horses are resistant to the Bit but I will also rank them in order of the reason for cause. The most prolific at the top. As I write, I shall take the occasional Photo out of the window of the F-Truck :) Possibly Teeth Conformation The ability to ‘collect’ is directly influenced by the design of the Body and as such, the majority of Horses don’t suit the ‘English Disciplines’. Therefore, they have to resist….for they just can’t do it. Veterinary issues with the Horse In my experience, over 50% of Horses are unsound in some [...]
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Hi Folks I believe and indeed am willing to bet, that I have the most effective re-mouthing system on the Planet. It is the number one reason by I am still fit and not crippled or dead, after Thousands of so called ‘Problem Horses’ The DVD Set for this runs for 7 Hours and 24 Minutes so grab the Popcorn if you decide to watch. I re-mouth every single Horse that I am asked to work on and have NEVER met one that ranks. HOW DO I RANK THE MOUTHS OF HORSES TESTING THE MOUTH OF YOUR HORSE   Out of Zero […]

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Rein contact at the Halt

 These horses frustrate the hell out of me and no doubt the rider’s aboard them, but we can never blame the Horse. Why does it happen and how can we fix it? It isn’t easy. The term ‘Resistance‘ sure describes this habit but what causes it?  There are all sorts of forms of resistance and this is yet another one. When the young horse is broken in, hopefully it knows not to be resistant and only gradually, due to the inexperience of riders’ does it learn the various forms of it. The more I think about this subject the […]

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