Resistance In The Mouth Of The Horse

There are many reasons why Horses are resistant to the Bit but I will also rank them in order of the reason for cause. The most prolific at the top. As I write, I shall take the occasional Photo out of the window of the F-Truck :) Possibly Teeth Conformation The ability to ‘collect’ is directly influenced by the design of the Body and as such, the majority of Horses don’t suit the ‘English Disciplines’. Therefore, they have to resist….for they just can’t do it. Veterinary issues with the Horse In my experience, over 50% of Horses are unsound in some [...]
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Hi Folks I believe and indeed am willing to bet, that I have the most effective re-mouthing system on the Planet. It is the number one reason by I am still fit and not crippled or dead, after Thousands of so called ‘Problem Horses’ The DVD Set for this runs for 7 Hours and 24 Minutes so grab the Popcorn if you decide to watch. I re-mouth every single Horse that I am asked to work on and have NEVER met one that ranks. HOW DO I RANK THE MOUTHS OF HORSES TESTING THE MOUTH OF YOUR HORSE   Out of Zero […]

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