Draw Reins

LETTER “So sorry to ask 2 questions of you in one day… this one is quick! I went to get a market harboroughtoday, and saw some Draw Reins. (Page 8 of the catalogue attached in case you need picture. It buckles to the girth then goes straight through the bit and to my hands. As I do not trust my hands totally, is this better or worse than the Market Harborough when you take into consideration that:  He Trips up a lot and needs his head free when this happens. ANSWER BY HORSEPROBLEMS Firstly, I NEVER use Draw Reins and completely disagree [...]
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The Great Debate – ‘Starter’ On The Bit Or Not?

Go here for the Video THE MOST CRUCIAL THING I HAVE LEARNT “We should only ever ride a GREEN HORSE, “On the Bit and Round’ or on a complete ‘Pleasure Rein’ THERE ARE NO IN BETWEENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Historically, due to the fact that Breakers were of the Western or Stock Horse influence, the instruction to the owner upon picking up the newly broken in horse was often, “There ya go, stay off his mouth for 6 months and you’ll be right” I think I may be partly responsible for the debate that I see raging of late, on Forums around the Country, on the [...]
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Building The Topline Of The Horse

Horseproblems Running Reins System

A combined 60 Years experience and 35,000, mostly horses with issues, we have the now proven over and over again, our evolved system, the intellectual property and the specifically designed equipment. This includes: The 7.5 Hour long ‘Re-Mouthing the Horse’ DVD’s. here The 100 Page E-Book showing the Years of research and Photos (free) The 40 Page lunging E-Book that comes with our specially designed and manufactured ‘system’ here and the extensive resource of Thousands of Pages of our ‘Problems Index’ here VETERINARY CHALLENGES This system continually properly diagnosis issues and fixes many. In particular, Stifle issues and Sacroiliac problems Horseproblems Australia in […]

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Hi Folks I believe and indeed am willing to bet, that I have the most effective re-mouthing system on the Planet. It is the number one reason by I am still fit and not crippled or dead, after Thousands of so called ‘Problem Horses’ The DVD Set for this runs for 7 Hours and 24 Minutes so grab the Popcorn if you decide to watch. I re-mouth every single Horse that I am asked to work on and have NEVER met one that ranks. HOW DO I RANK THE MOUTHS OF HORSES TESTING THE MOUTH OF YOUR HORSE   Out of Zero […]

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Mouthing The Horse

Mouthing the Horse is the most important thing that will take place in training. The safety of all who ride are directly affected by the good or bad quality. Go here for the DVD’s Frankly Folks. This has been the secret to my success, career and the protection of my Bones. It has saved the Careers of hundreds of Horses, that otherwise would have been Buck Jumpers This is also why Hundreds of People around the World have been able to start their own Horses with our help. Look here, Scotland, first ride, the Horse would have Bucked 3 times and […]

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Rein contact at the Halt

 These horses frustrate the hell out of me and no doubt the rider’s aboard them, but we can never blame the Horse. Why does it happen and how can we fix it? It isn’t easy. The term ‘Resistance‘ sure describes this habit but what causes it?  There are all sorts of forms of resistance and this is yet another one. When the young horse is broken in, hopefully it knows not to be resistant and only gradually, due to the inexperience of riders’ does it learn the various forms of it. The more I think about this subject the […]

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