Victor Harbor Horse Drawn Tram

May 2nd Competition

These will be the B Tests. Prep 1B – Prelim 1B- Novice 2B – Elementary 3B – Tests found here –

Please have the Video to us by 25th April!!

$15 Entry – Pay here


and leave your details. Name, address, phone, email and Class entered.


HI Folks

Well this was a magnificent exercise. My Head has imploded however, 7 days and Nights and waking my Wife up at 2am, asking if she wanted a Milo :)…

but absolutely wonderful experience Today and Glee from all Competitors. We have had many requests to join the next one on 2nd May.

Our Thanks to all the lovely Competitors. Results up here Tomorrow.

Results April 4th Comp

1A Results

1st Katy Mackay ( Scotland) on 79.60%
2nd Victoria Sinclair 75.6%
3rd Tammy Cunningham 74.6%
4th Camille Houston 72.8%
5th Jane Brown 71%
6th Sally Schofield 69.40%
7th Erin (United Kingdom) 67%

Prep 1A
Vicky Coop 78.84%
Paula Beentjes $67.37%


others judged later.

Here is a little snapshot of the first Comp

HI Folks, these Competitions will last 6 Months, until things get back to normal. Stay strong but have fun……..


Stream will be live on

and Facebook –

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4th April, 2020

Judging Streams Live on Facebook on 4th April, 2020 at 1pm. Linda O’Leary will be seen, Judging You and providing brief advice points for your future.

Time to have some fun and enjoy the Rest!!

$15 entry


and leave your details. Name, address, phone, email and Class entered.


  • Introductory 1A
  • Prelim 1A
  • Novice 2A
  • Elementary 3A

Tests found here –

  • Put on Your Show Uniform
  • Get someone to film you ride your selected Test. ( make sure they Zoom in)
  • Upload UNLISTED to Youtube and send us the link.


Encouragement Awards

A Person deserving of encouragement, will be given a free Online Lesson with Linda, valued at $88. Not the Winner.

International Clients

1 Free Online Lesson valued at $88

High Point Prizes (non professional riders only)

  • 1st – Accommodation at the McCracken Country Club with 2 Rounds of Golf.
  • 2nd – Seal Island Tour from Big Duck Boat Tours
  • 3rd – Trip for 2 on Steam Ranger
  • 4th – Dinner for 2 at the Anchorage
  • 5th – Victor Horse drawn Tram to Granite Island


  • Prep Test A
  • Preliminary 1A
  • Novice 2A
  • Elementary 3A


  • Put on Your Uniform. (no need to plait)
  • Ride Your chosen Test at Home
  • Don’t forget to ZOOM IN.
  • You may have a Caller 🙂
  • Upload to Youtube or Vimeo – (unlisted and send us the link)
  • Linda will Judge You all and give advise on improvement via Live Streaming


Our thanks for all the wonderful support from the Local Businesses and the Council Folk.

Accommodation at McCracken Country Club

Dinner at ‘The Ancorage’


The Big Duck Tours


Victor Harbor Horse Drawn Tram

Steam Ranger Tours

Tickets for 2 to Goolwa and return.

Have fun in the best Town in Australia 🙂