Training the Leg Yield

January 24, 2018
, Training the Leg Yield

“If your Horse can’t ‘Leg Yield’, you can’t ride Dressage”

The “Leg Yield’ would have to be the most important skill that a Horse can learn. Don’t teach it and:

    • You can never ride proper Dressage.
    • You can never succeed in competition that requires Dressage or Western.
    • You can never prepare a Horse to properly carry you in an athletic way.
    • You will probably be gradually causing impending ridden Veterinary problems such as sacroiliac pain.
    • You will never get your Horse properly ‘flexed, bent, supple or straight’
    • You will be riding flexed off’, and…..
    • Above the Bit

In addition, you may gain these problems.

    • A failure to stop your Horse from shying.
    • A failure to keep a Horse on a Jump.
    • You certainly won’t be able to open a gate properly.
    • Get out of the way of a kicking horse.
    • Keep your Horse safer on the Trail by avoiding rabbit burrows and the like rather
    • than swinging necks around and getting nowhere,
    • You won’t be able to ride your corners on an arena, at home or in front of a Judge.Your Horse will certainly not like you as it goes around like a crab and builds the
    • incorrect muscles and the pain that comes with it. Just like an arthritic old Man.
    • You will never have a happy Horse on an arena.

In other words, you are doomed to mediocrity forever and you will never fully

appreciate Horse Riding for it’s technical merit and wonderful possibilities. Also, your Horse will pay the price forever.

The Leg Yield forms the foundation stone for every single piece of Lateral Training that one can do with a Horse. Right up to and including the Olympic Dressage Test. The Canter Pirouette is an extension of the ‘Leg Yield’ as is everything else.

For your interest, I teach the ‘leg yield’ to my young ‘starters’, within two weeks of the first ride in their lives. Why? Because I simply cannot stand riding unsophisticated Horses and I know that I owe it to them. If I am going to expect them to carry my 82kg and perform like a Brain Surgeon, the least I can do is give them the tools to be able to do it.  They CANNOT do it without the ‘leg yield’

It takes me around 10 minutes to teach it to any Horse. It will take you two days. Go here for the DVD’s if you need help.

“Training the Leg Yield in Two Days”


Yes, I am listening too

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