The only Dressage Training system that protects Horses

April 8, 2018

After a Life time of my Wife and I working with Thousands of Horses of the ‘English Discipline’, we say with complete confidence, that we have found the ‘Holy Grail’ of both Ground preparation and ridden systems for the Horse

There is an enormous rate of attrition within the various competition disciplines of the Horse Industry, with mega Horses failing from a Veterinary view point and leaving Owners with huge investments in $$ and time, lost, with no Horse to ride or compete.

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Collection in the Horse and how to attain it

June 17, 2014 Linda O'Leary DVD's

    A horse is in true collection when it is able to transfer it’s weight sufficiently to it’s hind quarters whilst staying in balance and self carriage. This enables the horse to increase the flexion of his hind legs and lift his neck. The higher the poll whilst remaining round and over the back ,the more degree of collection is achieved. The rider will feel like the horses shoulders lift as the horse ‘sits’ ,creating a soft connection in the rein whereby the rider can give away the reins completely and the horse remains in a frame, otherwise known […]

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Rein handling of the “Green Horse”

Thousands of "Green Horses" have asked me to write this article and I thank them for their wisdom over the...
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Horse Body Damage is a silent epidemic that goes un-noticed as Owners carry out their habits, taught via their teachings....
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Financing Dressage Horses

Financing the Dressage Horse in 2020, see some flash marketing schemes to generate income....big income.....from the Bank Accounts of those...
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Horse Law Australia

In 2005, Horseproblems Australia saw the desperate need to commence an arm of the Law in this Country, to cater...
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Tying up the Horse

For the safest system on the Planet and for the only system invented to fix the Violent Pullback Horse, go...
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Timing is everything

Hi Folks, Over the many Years and thousands of Horses, hopefully one gains an ability to read every move of...
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Meadow Hay and Weeds

MEADOW HAY I recently walked into a Stable on my property and saw 150mm thick of pure 'Barley Grass' Seeds...
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 Horses hate being hosed down. Especially around the head area and for a good reason. Often people squirt water into...
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Scientists and Monty Robert’s Dually Halter

10th December, 2018 The Horse Scientists have have just released a study into the 'Dually Halter', designed and patented by...
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