Investment of the year

This Business has been running at full occupancy for 26 Years. The Owners want to retire and now live in Victor Harbor, 100k from the property.

It’s called ‘Gainsborough’ after my Uncle, Alfred Grant (who invented Surfers Paradise) Purchased Queen Elizabeth’s Stallion, Charleton, and spent 10 Million to build a Stud at Toowoomba. Still operating Today

It currently has 32 Stables and approval for 2 more.




The Owners need to retire and lives 100k away, at Victor Harbor, on a second Rural Property. We run the Property with a fortnightly visit for 6 Hours.


The property has been sold to a large Developer. Due Diligence is complete, successfully. The Change of Land use application, to the Minister is completed and ready for submission.

The Owners are willing to share some of the LIFE CHANGING financial rewards to the Buyer, as follows:

The Business (running for another 6 Years)

Non ‘Horsie’ People

Most Buyers are not ‘horsie’ and don’t want to be running an Equestrian Centre. Don’t worry, we will continue to run it. Of course if Your Daughter want’s a Horse, fine.

Horsie People

Of course if the Buyer was a Horse Tragic, we can accommodate them with the Business as well ($110,000 Net p.a.)


There are 2 scenarios. Either the Minister Signs in 2021 or doesn’t. If they don’t, we walk away. If the Minister Signs approval, the price is still $2,000,000…BUT…….we will take the increase payment for value leap and share it with the Buyer via Legal Agreement.

  • Should the Minister not sign approval we walk away. The Buyer can do what they like with it.
  • Should the Minister sign change of Land use approval, we will then share with the Buyer, at Developer Payment Day (maximum 6 Years) serious rewards. (see below)
  • You may Purchase the Property outright, for 2 Million Dollars, using your own finance facilities and that we get paid $2,000,000 at settlement.
  • There is no Vendor Finance.
  • The Sale will be handled by a Property Lawyer at Tingle Gask Bently and the Purchaser will be tied to the Developer, until such time as the Minister does NOT sign (subject to the Developer Contract November 2022) at which time that Contract becomes Null and Void and the Developer walks away.
  • The Property is Yours for $2,000,000
  • You may inherit the total profits of Millions, down the Track as the District is within the Tea Tree Gully Council future Suburb Plan.

Property description

  • Iconic Property, known around the World and operating for 26 Years, at full capacity.
  • Brand New Home with a $70,000 renovation
  • Rain Water.
  • Bore. No Rates
  • Septic Systems. No rates
  • 12 Volt Electric Systems. No Power
  • 6kw Solar. Little Power across a year.
  • 2 Minutes from Woolworths
  • 15k of magnificent walking and riding Trails
  • 1 Minute to Church
  • 5 Minutes to O’Bahn
  • 5 Minutes to major Shopping Centres and more
  • On the Barossa Tourist Route
  • Kookaburras and koalas
  • Peace and Tranquility
  • Security Fencing
  • 3 Car Garage plus full size Pitt.
  • Wake up and Gaze across the Paddocks.
  • 5 Bedrooms, 2 en-suites, walk in Robe, walk in Pantry, entrance Hall
  • Shade House/Gazebo (photos down the bottom)

Buy the Business alone ($350,000) return 100%

  • Owning the registered Business Name and Tax matters.
  • Receiving all income
  • Running the entire operation
  • Endless lease of the Home (valued at $26,000 p.a.)

And if the Buyer is at all Entrepreneurial , we can give them extra avenues as well. The Property is a “License to Print Money’ for it is adjacent to the Suburbs and several Colleges.

An Investor buys the Business only, for $350,000 and receives $110,000 Net per annum, plus be able to accept another $100,000 pa, that we presently knock back, by catering for the huge demand for Riding Lessons for People from the Suburbs.

A comparable venture, also at Golden Grove, by a non-Horsey Lady (with my advice), grew to $7,500 per week, across 12 Months and she didn’t teach one Lesson. She just paid outside Level 1 Coaches to come in and conduct them and took $40 per hour of the $77 Lesson price.

 The School Horses should be kept in Stables 1-10 and/or Hay Shed Stables.

In 2020, we have knocked back $60,000 worth of Learner Rider Lessons. (John and Linda can Mentor all re Risk Management, Horses, Insurance)

The Property now basically runs itself, has 100% occupancy and has done for 26 Years. Extra income can easily be made. We currently run it from 100k away and only visit “Gainsborough” one day a fortnight.


Due to the Bullet proof construction now and 4 electric fence units, Maintenance is around 1 Hour a Week. Automatic Waterers are currently being installed in all Stables, because of Global Warming and the need to keep Water a fair temperature (and to save agistees leaving taps on)

The Bore is still supplying all Water (where there is no rain water) but there are 300,000 Litres of that too.


The iconic name of ‘Gainsborough’ and its enormous credibility and Goodwill, belongs to the Purchaser. (Confidentially) the Buyer should buy a run-down facility on Yatala Vale Road or One Tree Hill, (or closer) and get ready to receive the 200 Horses that will have no home to go upon the subdivision of this big development. You can charge accordingly with the captive audience’.


There is a desperate need for this. At Normanville, we just have a Sandwich Board on South Road and get $25,000 a year where Mum and Dad lead their own Kids around. (we have the Insurance at $130 a year)

Gainsborough is at the entrance to the Barossa Valley and has huge Tourist Traffic.


The Site has been built for another 2 approved Stables. The Site has been readied. John can mentor on this simple job. To suit a Client with 2 Horses.


We have been approached several times, to rent the large Shed (with full size Pitt) for $700 a Month.


  • There is a huge demand for Baby Sitting/training activities from out of the Suburbs, relating to Child Care.
  • Offer Services, like feeding the Horses in the Morning and earn $15,000 per year.
  • The Purchaser of this Business, may Rent the house @$500 per week. 5 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Home and be given a Lease to protect them.
  • John & Linda are prepared to Mentor the Buyer.
  • A Horseman can be mentored by John and if recommended, will be immediately swamped with Business, at the top dollar!!
  • A Farrier would not have to drive and would inherit much of the local Business.
    We can mentor and show how this can bring another $50,000 per Year.
  • Arena Hire
  • Charging a $10 surcharge to outside Coaches, coming to teach at Gainsborough
  • 100% Profit on Sawdust and Sand.
  • We get asked for Horse Holidays, regularly. Full care whilst the Owner goes away.


Equestrian facilities

This Property is a license to print money. We knock it back daily.