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Due to the all pervasive censorship by Facebook and others, assisted by the F.B.I. and the White House, it has become impossible to speak the truth, teach or assist Horses, on Social Media. I am therefore re-commencing my Blog (which was the 1st on the Internet in 2000.


Post will appear at any time of the Day or Night, regularly.


Mr and Mrs. HP


2nd October, 2023

The Kids did great at the Nationals

Mrs HP is very proud of Her Young Pupils who went to the Nationals at Werribee this Weekend. I am very proud of Mrs. HP as a Coach😘

It was a might effort by them all for we have been there and seen the ex Grand Prix Ponies that Mum has put the Kid on for the Champs but these South Australian Kids were not to be intimidated by that. There names are Stella and Imagen Carmichael and Annabelle Mallord and Ella Rose Evans. Here are Stella and Ella, who were second in the Par de deux. They all went close to or were in the placings of big fields of the best. Well done Girls and Poor Mum’s😁



” Across our Career, we have only met a a handful of Folks, who have the unfortunate experience of NO Horse ever liking them and every Horse trying to tell them so.

We have only ever met 1 Person, which not only Horses didn’t like but the Dog’s hated them too.

Of those others, there has always been one common theme to their demise and that has been the incessant habits as taught via the British Horse Society systems, most of which are ‘ani Horse’ and designed to simply Piss Horses off.

Lessons of Life 2023

By now, I hope You are all reflecting upon the many vital lessons we should have learnt in the last 3 Years and that You are making Life changing decisions, to future proof Your Families, for sure as Hell you should be. There have been many take aways but here are just a few:

  • The more EDUCATED People are, the less they know and the less common sense they have
  • The Schooling system is now often destroying the Kids
  • We cannot trust the Medical system any more
  • We cannot trust Government, Federal/State/Local
  • We cannot trust the Foods we are being sold, many are killing us
  • and, many of the prescriptions of Big Pharma Products, are also killing us.
  • and living in Cities, is Hell on Earth and getting worse

So rather than Glaze over in the eyes (which is a recent sign of the Zombie Appocolyse that is now seen, open the Mind and listen. Delete what you don’t agree with but have an OPEN MIND!!!

Photo of the Day

Cappo & Dulce working whilst Bobcat works.


and another lucky Pupil learning the higher movements on my Mare. Dolce Vita (who is a legend and was and is my Roping Horse, from when she was only 6 Weeks started)


Bella Vista of the Day

I have built a nice sitting and entertainment area for the Mum’s to watch their Daughters riding here at our place. Mrs. HP certainly loves the Gazeebo, during Summer, for it is like an Air Con with the Breeze sweeping through it. So much so that when Mrs. HP is riding, BOOF goes up there to observe with comfort. He is some Scammer 🙂




Horselaw – Corrupt EA Coaches

of course those who have read my Blog over the many Years, will know who I mean but this Week, we spoke to yet another $20,000 Victim of a Coach in the Adelaide Hills, who entraps Her Pupils as Victims of Her Sports funding rip offs, by selling unsound Horses to each and most of them. I have many in my files. She has ruined the lives of many and chased more out of the Industry, so the Vet’s can’t get more money, the Fodder Store, us, Saddlers and all the rest. We all lost. She loves to jump at the Olympics and she is not WS.

Are You aware of how Society works these Days??? – SHOP INDEPENDENT GROCER!!!!!!!!

Here is who runs your World Folks. You need to know these things if you are to succeed in Life now. Fight back, like we do, daily. STOP supporting any Company associated with these Companies, where YOUR money, goes straight back to Wall Street!!!🤬🤬🤬

Shop Mitre Ten. Mum and Pop Stores. NOT Bunnings, Coles, Woolworths and the rest of the Cabal, all of who are planning to remove Your Cash, your last independence, and to suck off your savings with every single transaction you have to make!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL to this Today. Sucked in!!!!!


Video of the Day

Scientist shocked as he finds DNA in the wabba

“Early in 2023, genomics scientist Kevin McKernan made an accidental discovery. While running an experiment in his Boston lab, McKernan used some vials of mRNA Pfizer and Moderna Covid vaccines as controls. He was ‘shocked’ to find that they were allegedly contaminated with tiny fragments of plasmid DNA. McKernan, who has 25 years’ experience in his field, ran the experiment again, confirming that the vials contained up to, in his opinion, 18-70 times more DNA contamination than the legal limits allowed by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In particular, McKernan was alarmed to find the presence of an SV40 promoter in the Pfizer vaccine vials. This is a sequence that is, ‘…used to drive DNA into the nucleus, especially in gene therapies,’ McKernan explains. This is something that regulatory agencies around the world have specifically said is not possible with the mRNA vaccines.. ..Now, McKernan, Dr Buckhaults and other scientists are calling for urgent research to test whether the DNA contamination is lingering in the cells of mRNA vaccinated people, and whether the human genome has in fact been altered by mRNA Covid vaccines.”

Boof of the Day


Boof knows more about Dressage than any Pupil 🤣

and Boof had a very exiting trip to Gainsborough Yesterday for we picked up to new Kelpies, for Linda’s Sister, who runs a Sheep Station out from Broken Hill.😁


Circling Horses at the Ramp of a Float

We often see the poor Folk at the end of Shows, trying in vein to horse up, to go home after a long and tiring Day. It must be so frustrating.😒

Almost always in these Cases, one see’s them approaching the Float – horse won’t go – so they represent and do a Circle around. ‘Read my Lips’ Folks, that is simply training the Horse to NOT go in the Float and indeed, giving the Horse REWARD AND RELIEF for failing to load.

This system comes via Pony Club/British Horse Society and is a total failure. Have a read here and think about it.

It is neither fair on the Owners nor the Horse and doesn’t need to happen, at all!!!

The Dangers in our Food Chain – we absolutely MUST wake up if we want to live


Here is a Lemon, purchased last week from the Supermarket. It’s rotting!!!! Ever seen that? Know why? Months or Years in the Cold Stores. Stop buying their Crap Folks. Go buy it from the People on the Street!!! They freeze perfect. and are 75% Discount. Control Your Food Bills Folks!!! Beat inflation!!!! Every Veggie You eat, is for sale online.


Life’s Editorial of the Week

Do You follow the TRUE financial future of the Planet?? It will dictate whether You succeed or fail in Life. It is a very dangerous World out there now Folks.

Do not believe a World You read on FAKE NEWS Media, 7, 9, 10 and ABC. They are all playing with You and indeed, using the newly designed Subliminal Messages that will stick in Your Mind, for later, so You won’t blame them.

Take Co v d. Every single Night, Fake News 7 that we watch for entertainment, have at least 3 of these Health Stories, to throw You off the scent of what is coming, so You won’t blame their Masters, Blackrock, Fiz er and the rest of the evil Murderers. Read my Lips. The American Economy is stuffed, their Country is stuffed and there is going to be an almighty melt down. It’s being hidden from You for the sake of attempting to get Pedo Biden and his Crack Head Son back in Power. The EU is in recession as well. The Brixs Nations are putting an end to the US Dollar and 4 Banks have crashed already!!!!! Diversify Folks!!!

Future Proof yourselves and fast😓

Have a lovely Week and do try and make some Life Choices!!!!

News of the Day

Dog Mauls Police Horse



Horrified onlookers watched as the horse buckled to the ground as the dog, named Coco, bit its leg in the five-minute attack.

Owner Hakan Niyazi Candermir has now admitted being in charge of a dog dangerously out of control.

The 25-year-old is facing a maximum of six months in jail when he is sentenced on a date yet to be set.

Candermir had been walking the dog in London’s Victoria Park where the Met officers were on patrol on their horses.



The owners of a hugely popular grey horse have had their hearts broken after he died on the way home from the races.

Nobody Listens, the winner of 14 out of 26 starts, had just given them their greatest day when he captured the Grade 3 Turf Monster Stakes at Parx in Pennsylvania on Saturday.

His fourth victory in a row looked set to take his team to the Breeders’ Cup at Santa Anita, California, next month where he was in line to contest the $1 million Turf Sprint.

But their dreams were cruelly shattered when he died while en route from the racecourse to his home base at Horseshoe Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Screeching Brakes of the Truck triggered the event


A Liphook vet is urging horse riders and owners to take extra care when negotiating gates after a horse suffered an horrific injury.

Liphook Equine Hospital vet Ine Refseth rushed to the aid of Thoroughbred BB who was injured after she became wedged between a latch and a 12ft metal gate while trying to follow one of her equine friends out of their field at Hewshott, near Liphook.

As 15-year-old BB ran backwards to try to escape, the latch tore through her skin and muscle, creating a large open wound that exposed her ribs and chest cavity.

A quick-thinking farrier who was on site applied a bandage to stem the bleeding and called Liphook Equine Hospital for help, as well as alerting BB’s owner who was driving home from work.

Vet Ine sedated the mare to keep her calm, before carefully cleaning and stitching the wound and applying a belly band to protect it.

Ine visited BB every few days to clean the wound, change the dressing and monitor the healing process, and performed a procedure to remove dead skin and muscle when that became necessary.

Bit chewing research

Bit chewing is potentially a safe, inexpensive and effective clinical treatment to improve small intestinal motility in horses, according to researchers.

Ileus, or a temporary lack of intestinal motility, is a common life-threatening problem in horses, especially after abdominal surgery.

While multiple drug treatments have been investigated with varying degrees of success, each has potential side effects, variable efficacy, and an increased cost for owners.

Molly Patton and her fellow researchers, writing in the journal Animals, noted that, for human patients suffering from ileus, sham feeding in the form of gum chewing has shown promising results in improving clinical signs and increasing gastrointestinal motility.

“Bit chewing, a form of sham feeding for horses, has also been proven to decrease gastrointestinal total transit time,” the study team said.

“However, ileus in horses typically affects the small intestine, a part of the gastrointestinal tract that has not been investigated in regard to bit chewing.”

The researchers in the Virginia Tech study set out to determine whether bit chewing shortens the gastric emptying time, small intestinal transit time, and total orocecal transit time in clinically normal horses. Orocecal transit time refers to the overall transit time from the stomach to the cecum.

Nine horses, comprising six Quarter horses, one Appaloosa, one Tennessee Walking Horse and one Warmblood, were employed in the study, which used a crossover design.

The horses, who were brought in from pasture to be stabled for the experiment, were randomly assigned to a bit-chewing group or control (no bit) group via a coin toss for the first trial period.

After the first trial period, all horses were returned to the same pasture for a washout period. The second trial period was conducted the same way, with the horses assigned to the other group (bit chewing or control).

To standardize the feeding schedule and simulate conditions similar to those of a horse undergoing treatment for colic, the horses were fasted for 12 hours before the start of the study. They followed a refeeding schedule typical for a horse recovering from abdominal exploratory surgery.

Gastrointestinal motility in the horses was compared between the groups based on acetaminophen serum levels as a marker for gastric emptying times.

Three video endoscopy capsules, which capture video images for later retrieval when they are passed in the feces, were also given to each horse without sedation via a nasogastric tube after the initial 12-hour fast in order to determine gut action.

Each horse in the bit-chewing group had an apple-flavored snaffle bit placed in their mouth for twenty minutes every six hours until all capsules were retrieved or until the end of the study period.

The captured video footage retrieved from the capsules was time-stamped, enabling the researchers to assess and calculate the timing of the capsules’ passage through the gut.

Bit chewing was tolerated well by all horses in the study without any complications or side effects, the study team reported.

The results indicated a significantly shortened total orocecal transit time after bit chewing, indicating a more active gut.

24th September, 2023

Hi Folks. hope You had a lovely Week. Great Weather here and finally the Crops are not getting water logged.

Mrs. HP has been teaching non stop all Week and is having 2 days off for the first time. Been riding all 4 Horses as well, together with the help of a lovely Girl from Goolwa, who looks after Peoples Horses, on their Properties, if they go away. Contact us for the info. You will notice the PROTON and that is to beat G oo gle, the Evil platform that is scanning your eyes now and keeping the records of ever single thing you do, and selling it. That email is encrypted. Free!!

Been working hard as usual, trimming Mrs. HP’s Horses, building raised Garden Beds for the Veggies


and cut down 3 x 60 foot high Gum Trees and sorted the wood for next Winter, value $1200 if you had to buy it.


and don’t panic You Greenies out there😊 They grow back violently and are 20 foot high again in 12 months.


South East Dressage Championships

Congrats to several of Mrs. HP’s Pupils, who made the long trip to Naracoorte (the Town of my Birth) all doing very well.

Special mention to Mrs. Christian Hancock for winning the Medium Championship, having trained Her Horse the flying changes, half pass and more. Not an easy feet for Amateur Riders!!


Linda is very proud and appreciates the feedback!!💕

Bella Vista of the Week (Wild Ducks grazing out front)


Coaching on F.E.I. Horses

Cappo and Dulce are working quite hard again now and fit as well. They are both teaching several Riders’ how to ride the high movements, in perfect safety of their wonderful temperaments.

Memories of how we ended up owning this Family

Monty Roberts, the Horse Whisperer, was coming to Adelaide and me and Dick White were asked to supply his Horses.

I had seen his ABC Video on how he caught ‘Shy Boy’ in the Desert, after following the horse for a Day and a Night and I naturally thought he would want untouched Horses for JOIN UP.

Linda was competing at Naracoorte and across the Victorian Border, was this well renowned difficult but highly talented Breed of Horses (Souvenir Blood) and I drove out there in an attempt to Halter start a Pen of them. They were 3-4 and 5 year olds and never touched. Wild????… ain’t seen nothing like it. In the end I had to put them in a Cattle Race to try and get a Halter on them and they were climbing on each others back like sheep.

Anyhow, several hours later, I crawled back to the Dressage, exhausted and we trucked the Horses to Gainsborough, for Monty.

Unloaded into a round pen off the Truck, Monty and Dick arrived the next Day, to inspect my prized possessions for Him, but he knocked them back as they were too wild😒, so I had to start them all myself. That is another story. I got tickets to the Show and one Horse he picked was so quiet, it tied up during the chase me away😏

Anyhow, the magnificent Cappo and Dulce are our of those Horses and here we have Mrs. Jo Hunt, riding the WALK PIROUTTE.


Victor Harbor of the Day


Victor Harbor Clydesdales

Tip of the Day

There are 2 systems of riding Dressage. One enhances and repairs Veterinary condition, the other deteriorates it. One aids Muscle development, the other degrades it.

You won’t have read this one

On the subject of the 2 systems of training a Dressage Horse, did You know that Horses will carry their Tail, more or less crooked, depending upon which side of their body the weakness/crookedness or Veterinary questionability resides?

Here is one of Mrs. HP’s Horses, whilst commencing rehabilitation under Saddle and with the ‘O’Leary Running Reins System”


and You can see the lack of straightness, the leaning like a Motor Bike and the TAIL!

Here he is Yesterday


I will write an extended explanative article about this later but it is simply incredible what goes on with Horses, where few notice or adjust to the messages. The Education systems still are lacking. 😓

This Week, this completely UNSOUND HORSE, was declared perfect by the mightily impressed Physio.

So when You see these top Riders’ going around with TWO FISTS and holding, check out the Muscle tone of their Horses and compare it to Mrs. HP.s lot.

Article of the Day

Things You should not bury Your Head about (2.87 Million views in 1 day)

Doctor John Campbell

Video of the Day

$14,000 Purchase, Bucked off, Horse fearful of the mounting process and indeed, a pre-sale Photo shows the Vendor, Mounting the Horse, whilst it is tied to a Tree.

Sorry about the Eye, just got a new Lense after a Drill Bit got me.


Life’s knowledge – Strathalbyn School puts Cat Litter in Toilet for Child

The Schools are becoming dangerous to our Young one’s, as they go Left Wing woke.
This Week in Strathalbyn, pre School, a Mum has had $30 deducted from Her Government assistance, because Her child is waxed!!!!!!!!!!!!!😡🤬

Another 2 in one of the Schools in that Town, have had Gender altering operations.

Another (who thinks she is a Cat) has had Kitty Litter put in the Toilet for Her.🤬🤬🤬 You can’t make this stuff up Folks.
We would be removing Kids instantly and Home Schooling, via unemployed Teachers who are also unwaxed and who do as they are told. Instead of learning half the Crap that is taught these Days, they would learn Taxation, real estate investment, Skills and God knows what else that will equip them for Life.

I remember 3 things from my Schooling. Henry the 8th was a sex maniac, Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue in 1492 and the Battle of Hastings was won by William the Conqueror.



CDC finally admits that those who were wabbered, will catch the new strain more 😓😓 – don’t have a bar of it Folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Evil Spurrier




Flowers have been left at the roadside following a fatal crash near the M50.

Two men, named locally as Dean George and Alex Teasdale, died after a crash involving a horse-and-trap and a blue Volkswagen Golf.


An online fundraiser has since been started in Mr George’s memory, describing him as “the life of the party” and “the type of bloke who would lend you his last pound.”

The incident took place on the A38 near junction 1 of the motorway at about 11.35pm last Friday (September 15).

Gloucestershire Police said: “Two men, both from Worcestershire, who were riding in the trap, and the horse were declared dead at the scene.”

The force also said the coroner had been informed

70 year old air lifted after buck off


This block contains unexpected or invalid content.

Attempt Block Recovery   Had the Farrier Apron back on this Week, trimming Mrs. HP’s 4 Horses and keeping them up to date. Mrs. HP is extremely busy Coaching again and everyone is enjoying the wonderful Weather down here. She taught 7 hours straight the other Day, without Lunch, at the Aldinga Bay Riding Club and I gave Her breakfast in Bed the next Morning, poor Girl! 💕

Tony-Brown_Harbisons-300x201-300x201  from one of my Clients

Mrs. HP injury

Turns out it was worse than we thought. Pelvis in 2 places, cracked Hip, 2 Vertebrae, Coccyx and Hamstring in 3 places. Lucky she is mobile at all ey?  

Dennis O’Leary gets rubbed out as a Race Horse Trainer😓

  It was devastating for the Family, to see this written up in the Fake News Media here. Rubbed out for not allowing his ANCIENT Old ex Race Horses that he had retired and had been paying up for at least 10 Years, such was their wonderful service. Dennis got 12 Months I think and his Wife got more, being a Strapper. Here is what they didn’t tell You  Grrrr. 😡😡🤬 Dennis was a Master Trainer, Farrier, Bull Rider and Churchill Fellowship Saddler. 15404130066366580214-300x157 Race Horse Trainers were mandated to have the Killer Shot. As Millions more did, Dennis got multiple strokes and immediately Dementia. He couldn’t care for the Horses any longer and didn’t receive the extended Family back up required, like shooting them. My Cousin (Premier Race Horse Trainer many times) was also mandated. Had a Stroke 🤬🤬  

We are so sad about this and the possible damage to the O’Leary name. 😓

Speaking of x Race Horses

First time on the Trail in his Life, first time on the roads, first time on a loopy rein and first time walking in his Life.


Training the Horse to the Drone

There is a high chance that You will meet a Drone, whilst riding Your Horse in the future. Some will chase You and think it is as funny as Your Horse Bolts. 2 Years ago, the Surf Life Saving Folk on a local Beach, were sending one over our Heads. So, it will pay You to future proof Your Horse to the

Drone. Here is one of the biggest Warmblood Horses in the Country and growing, ‘Green Horse” and thanks to the expert help from my Son, for the use of his Drone.    

Health Tip of the Day

The Killer shot not only causes the obvious Bloo d C loo ting as seen in the Media Daily, it has now been found to cause microscopic blood clotting, Hence the increase in Migraines. Hence, Old Folk who should have died when Hospital sized, but did not, now know because they were already on Blood thinners.  

Bella Vista of the Week

 God’s Country

Breaking News

World Council of Health and 278 Scientists, just called for the immediate cease of using m r  n    a    v    a   c   c   in  es    



Video of the Week

Testing the next Generation of the Gainsborough Horse Trailer and

in particular here, a new age light weight composite material forming the loading ramp, to drop weight of the Trailer. The Subject is 18.2 Hands high and a ‘Green Horse’

I am quite proud that my Son has decided to take these Floats to complete Manufacture with a Factory and the backing of his Boss, who is very rich and from the Land.

**Any interested parties, please email me so I can put you on a list, to advise when. 2024.


Read my Lips – Jo Biden is finished, as of 14th Sept. Please learn to read the Media, to enhance your future Life.

Now why do you think this is???? Comon Folks, work it out!!!!

Yes, it is to get rid of Jo who WILL NOT be the Democrat standing for President but that’s not the real reason. Hunter Biden has been charged with 3 Gun Felonies, to shield the Criminal Justice Dept, due to their charging Trump to protect Biden and have him win. The pressure has got too much for them so they have to show the Justice Department as EVEN HANDED. Criminals. the lot of them!!!!!!😡😡


Gutter Guards are a complete and utter fail and indeed a Fire Hazard. Many are also Plastic and make a wonderful Fire accelerator when they go up. They also influence the gullible, to NOT clean their Gutters, prior to Bush Fire Season. They achieve nothing and even when seen to be working, they are busy collecting leaves all over the top of them and allowing much to drop below.

NOTHING protects Your Home, more than cleaning your gutters. A large percentage of lost Homes, will all have been burnt, because of Gutters.

 These do not solve fire danger

Feedback – HP Running Reins system

Thanks, my new Chief Instructors insists these are the best systems and wants 2 in Bali by the weekend.

BTW, do you have plans to visit Bali this year?


I’m the Owner of Bali Equestrian Centre.

Thanks Mel.

We are extremely proud of this system, which is now totally proven and indeed, has just fixed a COMPLETELY unsound Horse that was written off by the Vet Hospital as not to be ridden.

I am very proud of my Wife and we will show this on a future Blog



Hi there, a few years ago I purchased a beautiful half breed saddle from you that fit my old stock horse. Unfortunately it and alot of other items I have collected over the years was burnt in a fire this weekend. I just wanted to know how long does it take when ordering a saddle? I will give you a call to discuss this week. Kind regards Renee

Hi Renee

Terrible to hear 😓 How did it happen?
Re the Saddle, yes, I can assist You. I stopped advertising them because I was being driven insane by some in this New Age World but no problems. My pleasure. I was watching Mrs. HP oiling Her’s Today, getting ready to ride the Young Warmblood, after a 7 Month Spell where my Wife broke Her Pelvis in 3 places.

Talk this week.


Photo of the Day

I noticed this Today whilst I was cutting down a large Tree because it had stolen my view of Chiton Rocks Beach. Tree will grow back, don’t panic, but not that high 😊


Life’s Stories

I told You that I have had a Life that a Hollywood Movie could be made of. I was serious. Hard to believe actually. Here is a story for this Week.

Those who wonder why I have difficulty in hearing them, may know that I was a Sniper for 2 years (in another Life time) but back then, they didn’t issue Ear protection. I have screaming Tinnitus.

I was asked to attend a Home, at 18 Charles Street Unley, in Adelaide, to assist a Taxi Driver, where the Fare had refused to pay and had just gone inside his Home. Telling the Taxi Driver to F—off.

It was a pair of Maisonettes with 2 foot high front Besser brick fence but you had to enter the house, by walking down the side.

I had a Junior Man with me and we approached the front Door, knocked and were promptly told to F-Off.

It was a Moonlight Night. As I turned to my left, I saw the Junior Man with his Hands cupped around his Head, face against the Glass, attempting to peer in. Just then (and thank God I was a Country Boy) I heard the Bolt of a large calibre Rifle being closed.  I lunged to the left and pushed the Junior Man from the Centre of the Window to the left side, with me on the right side and my arm across it.

He fired from 2 Metres, a .303 2nd World War Army Rifle that You can shoot someone at 1 Kilometer. and thankfully, the Bullet passed between us. My Ears were finished then but the Junior Man’s Life was saved.

The Junior Man fled (and I never saw him again, to this Day) but I ran to the Car (which was parked directly in front of the Home. (big mistake) As I spoke on the radio, I saw the front window of the home slide up, the rifle slide out and my now in the Gutter, laying on my back, just below the Besser brick.

2 Detectives arrived and ran down the side of the Home, to the Laundry, down the back. In those Days, it was Louvre Windows, with the metal upright between 2 sets of swiveling windows. He first from his lounge chair, down the passage and the Bullet (soft nose) hit the upright of the window, in line with the Detectives Head.

I should have shot him, could have shot him but the clear head was mindful of the Coroners enquiry.

He was tear gassed out and charged with attempted Murder. He got off.

Frank Moran Q.C. successfully put the argument, that as it was a Moonlight Night, his Client simply thought it was our shadow and was only trying to frighten us off.🤣🤣 He was acquitted.

Life is a strange thing :)…….and if you think that story tops them all, you ain’t heard nothing yet!!

Have a lovely Week Folks and please, “take back control of Your Lives”


13th September, 2023


13th September, 2023

Hi Folks, I just wanted to explain about this Blog, going forward. I listed some of the things that I am going to regularly include but I want to add some more, for we live in a World now where People need life saving and money saving advice as well. We HAVE TO TAKE CONTROL of our Lives!!!! So, here were the other comments

  • Problem Horse re-education
  • Horse Training
  • Photo of the Day

Tip of the Day

Gossip of the Day

Yarn of the Day

Horse Training systems and successes

Horselaw Cases

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Attempt Block RecoveryCrooked Horse SellersBlast from the Past!

now also add

  • The important stories for Life, that the FAKE NEWS Media don’t tell
  • How to save money
  • Investment
  • Bush Fire prevention.
  • World News that Fake News won’t tell You.
  • and how You are being manipulated by Your Government, School system and more.

So to start with, everyone should watch this completely through!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wake up!!!!!! I already got Proton Emails and shut down Gmail accounts. F——them!!!!! We have to take control!!!!!

and for pure shocking entertainment, meet the Worlds No. 1 Journalist and a story that will blow your sox off lol

Blast from the Past

Mrs. HP was 11 Years old. She was diligently working for the Templewood School of Riding, for 10 Hours in a Day, for $5 a Day. Catching all the Horses, leading 6 Horses, grooming, Saddling and so on.

If she grew thirsty, She was made to pay 50 cents for a Glass of Cordial !!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤬

I walked into the Inglewood Deli Yesterday, to grab a Pie and Yes, the Boss Man from all those Years ago, was also there. He took more than a casual look at me and I could see his Mind trying to pick me 🙂 Mrs. HP was outside in the F Truck and almost fell over when she saw him come out. It was then that she told me the indelible story. Life ey??? 😒

Gainsborough Donner Celeste

We brought Her in from Her extended spell out in the Paddock and put Cappo out for a rest. He has been a very busy Boy, teaching Pupils the advanced movements, for Months now. I guess I have to pull on the Boots tomorrow and ensure my Wife is not going to be put into Hospital👌I’ll show You how we go but she should be fine as this was Her first ride in Her life. 💕

Sunday Night will be Video time. Teaching the Horse to handle a Drone!!!

Tip of the Day

If You haven’t Drone proofed Your Horse Yet, You will face mortal Danger at some stage of your ridden Life. Think about it folks, the Surf Life Saving Folks were sending them over us on Goolwa Beach 2 Years ago!!!!

20230530_123415-300x225  Mrs. HP getting back into the Saddle, on Cappo.


10th September, 2023

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Attempt Block Recovery

Hi Folks, hope You had a good We are always too busy, rarely a Day off but having lot’s of fun. Mrs. HP is back training and teaching heaps and getting ready for the opening Competition at the new Southern Vales Dressage Club, which has now shifted, brand new and funded by the local Council (who stole their Land as per usual) Turned out ok though and well done to all involved. The last one was too small (5 acres) and this one is 10 acres, which is perfect.

Mrs. Hp is teaching non stop, without a break Today, for 7 hours, at the Aldinga Bay Riding Club so she will be exhausted when she comes home! 🙁

I have been future proofing our Life for what is coming and have completed my Botique Veggie Gardens, already dropping our Monthly Bill by $400.


and due to the incredible Winter, we have over 400,000 litres of Rain Water, to service the entire Year ahead.

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Attempt Block Recovery

I have some big stories to tell You but they are going to take some writing indeed. We have been the Victims of a Crooked Horse Sale (by a Friend) the stealing of my retirement by a Billionaire and a recent Court Battle where we sued a fake Buyer for Gainsborough with them finally settling in the Court, on the spot, with more than one Law Firm behaving badly.

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Attempt Block Recovery


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 Break them once and the following Day the Horse will begin exploiting You. That is how fast they go to School on the easing of Rules!”


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Letter of the Day

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“I have tried several Bits but my Horse keeps chewing and Mouthing. What Bit do You suggest?”
Cape Town SAHi Jo,
This is a massive question and one I meet regularly. It’s not always about the Bit of course. It can be Teeth, the Hands of the Rider, Veterinary, a lack of ‘SUPPLENESS and much more.

The other thing I note is that 90% of Horses prefer the new Barrel Bits and I have never experienced a Horse object to mine. Only 10% prefer the lossenge (although I sell both.)

The 1st step must always be, to put a GAG on the Horse and have a POWERFUL Torch, to inspect every square Millimetre of the inside of the Mouth of the Horse. You would die if You some of the things that are found.

Listen to Your Horses

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Bella Vista of the Week

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Back Tomorrow Night Folks. Off to spray Weeds.

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29th August, 2023

Hi Folks, hope You are all well in these crazy times where nothing is what is seems any more. For those of You who are not aware of how the World works these Days, (and I know many People don’t) everything is run by basically 3 Companies and they tell Governments what to do and indeed, the W.H.O. Go here to open Your Minds.

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They are owned by the Companies You see in the Video and your News is written in 2 or 3 places, each Day, for consumption across the Planet, telling You what they want you to know and to do!!! Especially with the Nightly dose of Health Propaganda, designed to keep You confused and stopping You from suspecting anything that they or their Killer Jabs may have caused. Last Night for instance, Fake News 7, WATCH OUT!!!!!!!! new Scurvy, Shingles and another one from 100 Years ago.

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Google hijacked the open Internet and own it. They are owned by who you who, their role is to kill off all small Business and if You don’t pay their Bribery from their stand over tactics, You are gone. My Online Business has been hidden from the World to send me broke.



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It’s nothing but CENSORSHIP, SHADOW BANNING that You don’t get to see or know and allowing one opinion only, that of the LEFT WING Tree Huggers. You cannot educate any more.


I spend weeks putting an Online Shop on Facebook, only to have them ban many of my Products as the algarithy said HORSE DEALING. They would not listen to my appeals so I shut it down.

The F.B.I. and Biden, tell them directly who to shut up.

Anyhow, this Blog will now get back to all the things I invented on the Internet.

  • Photo of the Day
  • Tip of the Day
  • Gossip of the Day
  • Yarn of the Day
  • Horse Training systems and successes
  • Horselaw Cases
  • Crooked Horse Sellers
  • and much more

Please privately email me with anything interesting.

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This was a very bad injury and a very difficult time. Hell!!!!…I didn’t get a sleep in for 5 Months 🙂 Here is the full Story.

Back Tomorrow

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Over the last 14 years, $490 Billion has been spent on “Closing the gap” of Aboriginal Affairs. Where has all the money gone? It’s time to AUDIT and INVESTIGATE the colossal gravy train. VOTE NO

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Once I get into the swing of this again, I have some MASSIVE Stories to tell You.!!!! I am also toying with the idea of telling my Life Story in installments here (2 Years) and will be a guaranteed Hollywood Movie script, such as exposing a SA Govt run by Pedophiles, the Supreme Court run by Pedophiles, a State Governor in the Nude, the Beaumont Children, the ‘Take away Kids’, Bevan Spencer Von Eamon and much more. Should there be an Author out there, I would consider it.

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Would anyone know the whereabouts of the Owners of ‘K.I. PORK’ on Kangaroo Island? They may have moved on but I need to serve them with a ‘Warrant of Execution’.

A few Years ago, they contacted us and wanted to buy Gainsborough. Done Deal. So red hot that the Wife had Mrs. HP keeping any new vacant Stables, empty, for Her Hacking Horses. They came here to Victor Harbor and sorted out the Contract and instructed us to go to the Land Brokers down here, to write up the Contract. We did. Cost $1500. They disappeared off the face of the Earth after that Day!!!! No answering phones, emails or Social Media. We sued them in the Christies Beach Court and were granted the win, for they didn’t front. Now I have time to chase our money. 


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Mrs. HP re-hab

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Mrs HP is now riding every Day. She started off on Cappo and spent 3 Weeks with Him, together with 2 hours of physio each Day, and 2 Weeks ago, graduated to the bigger moving Horses, successfully. She is hoping to be able to support Southern Vales with their new Club, on opening Competition Day and will bring along a new entrant into the Dressage World as well.

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Gainsborough Equestrian Centre

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We completely understand that Horse Owners headed for the Hills when the Deputy Lord Mayor of the local Council, went Grandstanding on 5AA. about the proposed Residential Development of the entire District.

What he didn’t tell them but I can now confirm, is that the Equestrian Centres at Golden Grove, will still be standing for at least 10 Years, for they are starting on the Northern side of One Tree Hill Road and You know how long that takes.

So if anyone wants a PADDOCK at Golden Grove, now is the time to contact Linda, on 0418814029 or

Catch You tomorrow

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3rd September, 2023

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Hi Folks, happy Fathers Day to all the Dad’s.

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Equestrian SA

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Nothing changes. They are at it again. For 35 Years that I have been watching them, they have been at it as well. Same Old Biddies, with giant Chips on their Shoulders because they could never ride well enough, throwing their weight around, and generally destroying the Industry.

I now see they have had to apologize and pay Legal costs for an F.E.I. Rider and Coach here. God knows what they have been up to this time but here is the thing that is rarely thought about.

Every time they get into these ‘Power Struggles’ and Bitch Fights, they damage the Industry. They cost me the Horseman, the Farrier, the Horse Dentists, the Fodder Stores, Saddle Shops, Coaches and God knows who else, for they drive People out of the Industry and we app pay for that. Meanwhile, they are fine for they are not in Business but they go on and on and on. They will never give it up for as they reach ‘Old Biddie’ Age, they like to through their weight around and we will never un out of them.


There is a ‘Gestapo Judge’ on the loose again, marking 10% below other fellow Judges and regardless of what Riders’ say about their reasons for competing, deep down, it upsets some, defeats others and indeed, drives a few out of the bottom of the Horse Industry. Rather than fighting and Bitching, they need to do their Jobs and to take control of these few Judges, for the sake of all.


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