Mounting the Starter on Day 1



Hi Folks

I Mount all of my new ‘Starters’ ‘On Day 1’, using my developed system, learnt across Thousands of Horses. These are the benefits:

  • The Horse gets a used to the process, prior to getting into a Saddle
  • The Horse is not challenged by a Girth
  • The Horse gets used to seeing You ‘Above the Eye’ the main cause of Bucking
  • The Horse gets used to seeing You out of the ‘Right Eye’ , another main cause of Bucking
  • Teaching the Horse you will get off and nothing bad is going to happen meanwhile
  • and more………..

all of these things then allow the first Mount up and for the Rider to get completely settled, stirrups sorted, ON A RELAXED HORSE.


I am listening….are You????