Training the Green Horse


OMG John! the buck stopper is wonderful! At it’s super well made! Thanks! My warmblood gets playful in the round pen at first – always comes out fresh-. I put it on him yesterday and the collar stopped him on a dime and humanely.  I had him with a long rope in case he would react badly but he thought it through and understood quite soon what he needed to do. We will use it these days with another warmblood we have that bucks with intent – not because of excitement.  This is certainly another keeper from your toolbox!!

(1)Does the buck stopper rewire their brain to take the buck out of the equation?

Hi Gretchen, thanks.

Use it sparingly if you can, not like a Dummy for a Baby. The aim is to remove the thought of Bucking, from the Mind of the Horse.

In answer to Your question about re-wiring the Mind, yes, it helps, but not completely. There needs to be a package for these Horses for only 100% control will fix them, 100% of the time and then the brain dissipates the thoughts.

Horses generally become suspect after:

  • Having a Victory
  • Having a failed Mounting fright.
  • Being allowed to Buck with the Saddle on early, on the lunge and nothing being done about it.

To totally re-wire their Mind, one needs the further tools to ensure 100% success, not to be gambling. Here is the Video about that.

Do You know my re-mouthing system. If You do, on such a horse during lunging, I put the inside mouthing rope on the horse, so that I can definitely shut the Horse down during the most important time of all for the greatest victory and effect of all, during an attempt to Buck, thus proving to the Horse that they may as well just forget all about it. Not only do you achieve progressively removing the thought from their Mind but You are improving the Mouth at the same time and during the time of MOST resistance one will ever encounter, the ‘underlying Mouth’, the one that is there below the surface, that You don’t see, unless it all goes to sh——😁

Regarding the other questions, the answers are as follows:

(2) is the buck stopper a transient training aid meaning that we should stop at some point (and when) or should they be kept on it (and frequency after they are retrained)?

(3) can we use the buck stopper riding? We thought about using it without applying the english techniques (contact, collection, etc.) but rather riding the horse a la western to give them the freedom to carry themselves in a way that they don’t get negative reinforcement for the wrong reasons. 


(4) what about jumping? this warmblood that is playful gets excited jumping and so we thought maybe it would be good. But then again, maybe it’s a bad idea or what we do in the round pen carries over to the ring and it is unnecessary/inappropriate.



Also, I got the reining systems from you some time ago.  It’s so good that we are now using them with most of our horses.  That’s why we got a few more of these in the order we recently placed with you.  Great improvement on their toplines, self carriage, softness of the mouth, lateral movements and no more vet biils! thanks!!! We continue to use them 5-6 times a week.  

  now that the horses are in maintenance, should we reduce the frequency for the reining system to say 3 times a week. Or do they need to keep doing it 5-6 times a week? We will keep at it as necessary/convenient because of the efficacy of this training aid.
Again, thanks for all of your wonderful ideas and solutions.  They have been lifesaver for us on the other part of the world! 
be well,
Puerto Rico

yes, even twice a week for Mental stimulation of doing other things. Well done Gretchen.