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Hi Folks,

These Video’s are all about the difficult issues You don’t really see on Youtube, where we picked up the Camera as they came through our Hands, to help You.




Suppleness in the Horse

The Rushing Horse

Introducing the Horse to SOLID tying up

Fixing the ‘Violent Pull back Horse’

Fixing the ‘Crooked Horse’

The 1st ride on the ‘Breaker – starter’ and how not to get bucked off.

Leg Aids for the Learner Rider

Introducing the ‘Green Horse’ to the Hose

The O’Leary systems of ‘Join Up’

Putting the ‘Green Horse’ on ‘On the Bit’ for the first time

Stock Whip training Horse and Human

How to beat ‘Evasion’ in the Horse

Introducing the 1st Rug, with Horsemanship.

Fixing and managing the ‘Girthy Horse’

Clipping the difficult Horse

Worming the difficult Horse

Fixing the Horse that is ‘behind the bit’

Muscle development of the Dressage Horse


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