Tying up the Horse

Horse tying up systems

For the safest system on the Planet and for the only system invented to fix the Violent Pullback Horse, go to the bottom of the Page

Tying up the Horse can be to twine or to teach them to tie up properly, solidly, never to break away. There are many systems but they haven’t been upgraded for a 100 Years.

Trust me, the Horse that ties up solid is far safer throughout Life, with little risk, no matter the mistakes made by us! Across the 50 odd Years and Thousands of Horses, I have basically seen it all, some horrendous injuries and accidents and also, being a Court appointed Éxpert Witness” in matters of ‘Risk Management’ I have seen many Human injuries as well.

Life’s protection

  • You accidentally drop the Rope and the Horse stands on it. It maters not
  • The Horse is tied to the Horse Float and because of inept design, gets the front Leg over the Rope. It matters not
  • You are unloading from the Float and FORGOT to untie the Horse ( one of the most dangerous sins of all) the Horse goes to walk out but hits the end of the Rope. It matters not.
  • You are out on the Roads and Your Friend falls off. Tie to twine and You could end up being sued for Millions when the Horse breaks away and hits the Car. It mattes not. Even if You had to go in the Ambulance, the Horse will still be there when You get back.
  • and in the case of the Photo of the 4 Horse galloping around the Dressage and through various Arenas where People were competing, our 2 Horses were tied to our Trailer, next Door to the Truck where the 4 broke away from. It mattered not when the Steam Train went past 10 Metres behind the Fence!!!!

That is my Wife on the Chestnut 🙂

Risk Management

A new consideration, for all, should be the Risk that you can run, if Your Horse escapes and runs down a Human, killing them or severely injuring them. It happens a lot and this can bring enormous Court Civil Suits these Days.

It is my firm opinion now, that ‘tying to twine’ is a ‘Risk Management’ and serves to place You in Legal jeopardy

Tying up the Horse training systems

  • Tying up to Posts
  • Trees
  • Tie up Rails, Yards and other solid objects…..or……
  • An evolved system by Horseproblems Australia

The Types of injuries

  • Broken Jaws
  • Smashed out Teeth
  • Cut Mouths
  • Broken eye sockets
  • injured eyes
  • Impacted Chests
  • Death by impacted Chests

    here are just a few photos

Yes, I too have evolved over the Years, going from Tie up Rails, where Horses can go over the top of, break and rin away with the Rail, get the Leg over the Rope, pull back, spin like a Croc and end up laying on the Cement. Then Tie up Posts and even my invention of Sponge Rubber covered Tie up Posts, with swivel tie up point on a Ball Race, but even then……..

2 thoughts on “Tying up the Horse

  1. horsesense001 says:

    Risk Assessment indeed, Imagine a horse harnessed to a Jinker or carriage wearing blinkers bolting down the road with nobody on board. Baler Twine tying is without doubt negligence. You can say sorry but either your horse or other people will have to live with the consequence of such negligence. In the end we all loose by hanging our fete on something that designed to fail.

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