At least 90% of the so called ‘Problem Horses’ that come through my Hands, are accompanied by People with Webbing Halters!

I’ll be brief and frank. Use any of these pieces of equipment and you will NOT have an effectively training horse and in most cases will be -un-training them. Here are the offenders….




I have been reading articles on your site now for some time and find them very informative.

My problem is this:
Around 5 weeks ago I was give a thoroughbred mare, rising 7.

Yesterday, I popped the Halter on her and walked her down to the arena, where she has been once before.
She seemed a little uncomfortable and distracted, so I tried to bring her attention back to me, halting, backing etc. After about 4 minutes, she went CRAZY!!
She ran around me, snorted, backed way from me, would not listen and suddenly reared, bucked etc until I could no longer hold her. She then ran off, bucking furiously etc. I had her luckily shut in the arena and the yard surrounding the arena. She charged off to the fence/gate and began running up and down with my other mare (who did not help). I could not get near her, and gave up for my own safety, finally she calmed down after about

15 minutes. I managed to hook the lead rope onto her halter again (I had removed it when the opportunity arose previously) and take her back into her paddock. She was completely saturated and slightly unsettled. When I went close to her paddock she would come straight up to me and sniff me/nuzzle me and appear to calm down.
Would you be able to help with the causes/suggestions as to why she did this?? Should I send her to a breaker – or perhaps you??
Thanks in anticipation.

 Before I answer this one, can you get back to me and tell me what halter and what lead rope you had on the horse at the time? Ta

You asked me to advise which halter I was using…unfortunately, not my rope halter…
I was using my leather halter with a normal 4-foot lead rope. This weekend I will try with my rope halter and long rope.
Do you think it may be that she is on season? I went up to feed her last night and she came up, had a mouthful of meadow hay and walked off, not even a hello! She appeared a little unsettled I am in south Australia, —————. Would you recommend I send her off to be re-trained/broken? If so, how would I arrange it with you, or do you know of someone closer?

Many Thanks



Webbing Halters in 100% of the cases I have had through my Hands over many Years, totally well into the Thousands, come with People who lead Horses ‘English Style” and are always accompanied with ‘Ignorant Horses on the Ground” ( never the fault of the Horse of course.

I have had to re-educate every single one that has come through my Hands, on Day 1, because I simply can’t handle LEG CLIMBERS in the form of the Horse. They are too big and tough smiley-eyebrowsraised


The more Horses have to fight with Owners on the Ground, the more they get ripped, pulled, pushed, fought with, even their Mouths bruised by Bits, the worse their lives. The more unhappy they are.

Horses from the “British’ systems are FAR MORE SAD than those from the “Western” Fact!

Have a think about it.



I am listening….are You??