• Girthiness not taken in account enough
  • Learned Helplessness
  • Because the horse did not respect the breaker or the owner
  • Because “Green on Green don’t go”
  • Because the owner thought that riding on the arena was safer than on the trail
  • Because of a lack of proper warm up in the saddling process
  • Because the owner insisted upon mainly walking the horse rather trotting and cantering, boring it into rebellion.
  • Because the horse never felt exhaustion during the breaking in process. (especially at the canter)
  • Because the owner jammed the horse up during flatwork and didn’t get it forward and free through the front end.
  • Not enough variation in the work. (Too much flat work and not enough Trail Riding)
  • A lack in observation of and empathy for the horse by the owner. (Veterinary reasons)
  • Weak riding leading to a lack of respect. Lack of commitment.
  • Because the horse wasn’t broken in well enough


Here is the perfect example of a lovely Young Horse that was never going to Buck, but in the end, despite many warnings, did, due to the fixation on ‘Head Carriage’ when such is an absolute irrelevancy with a ‘Green Horse’ for they don’t yet even know what Leg, forward, carrying a Rider or Brakes are.

Go here for the Video of how You can easily do it with perfect relaxation, harmony

Horses that are not ‘listened to‘ often ending up Screaming and that means their last resort, Bucking, Bolting or Rearing. So if you want to learn more about this and

listen to 27 such Horses over 7 hours and 24 Minutes, check it out.



Listen to Your Horses


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