To Tie to Twine ……or not?

Should horse owners demand that their horses tie up solid no matter what or tie to twine and err on the safe side? A hotly debated topic that’s for sure. Unfortunately, the question can not be answered with a ‘yes or no’.

In a perfect world, every horse should tie solid and we will not own one that doesn’t. If we inherit a horse that doesn’t, we train it to do so. Just today, 3 of them. The best horses tie up solid. They are far better broken in, they are less resistant than other horses and there are many other benefits as well.


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Horses that Tie up Solidly, never break away, never try to break away and never end up in ‘Risk Management’ situations, like these of an Australian Olympian, at the Dressage.

The problem however, is the lack of a good  knowledge base in matters of horsemanship among horse owners and the available facilities for tying a horse to. Horses get injured on a regular basis due to the inadequacies of these two factors.

Up until about 15 years ago when the rope halter arrived on the scene in Australia, the dangers were not as great because if a handler made a mistake and the horse pulled back violently, the halter would break. Not any more! Parelli style lead ropes and rope halters do not break! What is more, they do not come with instructions and they bloody well should.

So while I personally will accept nothing less than the perfect tying up horse, I have to admit that tying to twine should be the procedure for amateur owners, kids and where ever there is a lack of proper safe tying up facilities. Which is about every where according to my observations of the Horse World.

Until subjects such as this actually get into the Equestrian Training curriculum, people should not risk horse’s lives with their inabilities or experiments. However……

if You do want the best trained and most well adjusted Horses, take a look at my Tying Up Video.

Introducing the Horse to solid tying from Horseproblems Australia on Vimeo.


Curing the Violent Pull back Horse from Horseproblems Australia on Vimeo.

video-1 The tough issues