The jointed snaffle bit

Nut Cracker Effect

We live in an alleged “Enlighten time” of Horse Training and yet, from the World of Horses that I mix in, I see important advances ignored by many. Hence articles like this one.

The ‘Snaffle Bit’ has been around for a very long time but thanks to the “Thinking Trainers” of the World, progress has been made, in the search for a better life for our beloved Friends we call the Horse. However…..

occasionally, important advances are made, that have such a sweeping benefit to their Lives. In relation to Horse Bits.

” He resists the Bit a lot -I can’t put his Head down – He is always ‘above the Bit’ – the Coach must be no good – and on and on and on, every Day…….

The ‘Nut Cracker Effect’

The ‘Jointed Snaffle Bit, purely by it’s design, does this.


It’s incredible, isn’t it, that 100 Years can go past, without someone thinking about this?

and the damage it can do to the poor Horses……


The ‘French Link’

This helped somewhat but due to it’s design (whereby the edge of the link can become an aggravation when side on) this could happen.


French Link Banned by F.E.I.


An improvement over the “French Link” was the Lozenge Horse Bits my sample of several Hundred Horses, shows that only 10% prefer them over what came later…

The Barrel Bit ⭐

Then came the rotating Barrel Bits, invented by the Myler Brothers in the US, with the invention of the rotating Barrel Bits, went a long way to saving Horses from the “Nut Cracker effect” of the “Jointed Snaffle Bits”. I rank this overall design change as the one with most beneficial for the Horses and I heavily promoted them back then. Indeed, being of ‘like Mind’ they put an article of mine on their Home Page, for 2 Years.


Anyhow, then I experimented further and designed a subtle change in the Barrel Bits and after tested across a couple of hundred Horses, it was launched in Britain first and I was elated to hear Britain Bit Fit write that Horses were reporting to them, that they preferred my Bit over others.


Upon consulting with many Horses since, I can now assure You that mine are preferred and that is a face. Even my Wife’s Grand Prix Horses wear my Bits.

So back to the ‘Jointed Snaffle Bit’, it is of great concern to me that still, many Horse Owners don’t understand the problems and so their Horses just go along ‘Suffering in Silence’ 😕

So I care not about what your preferred Bit is but please consider that there may be better options and that the ‘Jointed Snaffle Bit’ is a total fail for the Horses!


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