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Sunday 11th March, 2018


Hello World 🙂


Forgive me for the brief first Blog Tonight. I should be all organized for next Week




Last Week, some nice soul hacked and destroyed my Old Site and we are now totally exhausted, having luckily had a new Site about a Week from ready but had to rush it, working day and Night. Forgive us for the technical glitches for a while.

It brings the end of an 18 Year long run on my old html Site, the first Horse Site, first with video, e-commerce and driver of many of the sayings now on the Internet. ( yet they won’t know 🙂

My thanks to all for being kind during the last Week where our Business died 🙁

Took me 12 Months to get my poor Head around the technology and being such a massive Site, it has been a Grind. 60,000 files, 1 Million words, 200 Products and God knows what else. We created a monster.

The pleasing thing that I was forced to notice during this time, was the massive Photo collection that has build from REAL Horses and cases, over that 18 Year period I have literally Thousands of pics and that has come in very handy here.




He has two Weeks off again, having roller and hit his Feed Bin, but is fine now to go again. ( poor bugga )



She has been off at the Vet, with Her Foal and has been inseminated for the last time, scan in 12 Days time, so we left Her there in the good care of the Vet.



We spent a wonderful evening last Night, overlooking yet another Arena to die for, with the Stables, Tack Shed incorporating a swish entertaining and dining area and it was just what we needed. The site changed throughout, the fluky breeze off the Sea was ever present and the Lights were twinkling in the Pure Oxygen off the Southern Ocean 🙂

We had to go to the centre of the City this Week, in the F Truck and with Horse Float behind and we are only just recovering from that too smiley-smokin



anyhow, thanks once again and we shall be back to normal next Week


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  1. Sally Schofield says:

    Well done John and Linda, website looks great. Hope this makes things easier for you to do what you do best.

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