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Across Thousands of Horses, I rank the German Warmblood as the most Dangerous Horse, with the Australian Riding Pony second. This Article is a warning to the innocent, who may think that things will be straight forward, when riding one.

  • They already spend half their time in mid-air!!!
  • They are the most athletic
  • Their movement is too big for most amateurs and that is a bad mix
  • They THINK BUCK when exposed to excitement, like the first Show, if they shy, get a fright, 1st Canter, having another Horse Canter in front of them and more.
  • They “Do not suffer Fools”
  • They are MOST judgmental
  • The most arrogant
  • and they HATE boredom (which by default, places Amateurs in jeopardy)
  • They demand progress and lots of it.
  • They cannot bear quiet type People.
  • They will not put up with perceived terror caused by the bad habits of Equestrian Training
  • Horsemanship is everything
  • Discipline is often necessary
  • They never stop searching for weaknesses
  • They have no respect for the weak
  • and they DO NOT suit the Mature Aged!!!

To compliment them and balance this up, they are also:

  • The Worlds best moving Horses
  • The most favored Breed of Horse for Dressage at high Levels and increasingly, 3 Day Eventing.
  • The most exhilarating to ride
  • They enjoy competition, providing there is a partnership and if there is, they are your best asset.

Most don’t know this because the Leaders of the Industry don’t think about these things, but the Breed is responsible for the most Hospitalizations, of all the Breeds.

Most won’t also know, that in their droves, they disappear “out the back door” to the Abattoirs or Rodeo, more often than You think, because the ego’s that are damaged in the process, (normally with high profile People) do not want You to know. They are also heavily passed on, from Buyer to Buyer by the Crooked Horse Professionals of our Industry. I could make Your “Hair Curl” if I started naming names here. 😊

Horse Starting

The system of starting these Horses, largely dictates Your safety


The environment that creates the greatest danger of all with these Horses, is that when they are ‘ Green Broken Horses‘. This is when they are ‘Lethal Weapons’ and if any Person thinks that they are just going to jump on and train them ( unless they have owned and Trained Multiple ‘Green Horses‘ in the past, forget it. You are indeed ‘Thrill Seekers’ .

So what Breed for the Amateur Dressage enthusiast?

There are other, more suitable Breeds that will be less dangerous to Folks and yet can be quite competitive. They are:

  • Standardbred Horses (raced or not)
  • Australian Stock Horses and crosses
  • Thoroughbreds
  • Heavier Breeds crossed with Thoroughbred
  • Cleveland Bay
  • Frisian
  • Spanish Bred Horses
  • Cob Breeds
  • Fjord Horses

So if You are getting near the end of Your Career and want to have “One final Shot at the big time” don’t buy a Warmblood. Again, if I could tell the stories here, I would make Your ‘Hair Curl’

Best of Luck Folks


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