The British Horse Society – a Peer Review

I can hear Ray Hunt and Tom Dorrence cheering me from their Grave


This article has been triggered by this Photo Today. (in Britain)

After attending to many thousands of so called ‘problem Horses’ in my long career and nearing the end of it, at the risk of shock and dismay and more, I have decided to review the foundational systems of the British Horse Society, that impact upon Horses across the World. At least 90% of all the thousands of aggrieved Horses that have come through my Hands, have been triggered by these British systems.

I have come to realize that these systems are actually the sleeper Horse Welfare issue of 2017 and thought it only fair to review them, for the good of Horses and Humans everywhere, just as the British Horse Society has been reviewing other systems such as Rolkur.

I could go on for Hours but let me keep it simple and break it down to two basic areas that diminish the lives of Horses and place Humans in such serious Risk of injury and Death.

**read Bolting Horse

The 24/7 Rein contact for no good reason, and
The ground handling systems, both of which constantly see Horses in turmoil, unhappy, stressed and with ‘learned helplessness’, as well as much more.

In short, the systems seriously deteriorate the Welfare of 100% of Horses that succumb to them. So first let the Horses explain their feelings to You.




Now obviously these are extreme examples but look into the eyes of these Horses to get the point. Happy Partners versus the unhappy Horses up the top.


Why would You want to inflict Pain inside the Mouth of Your Horse, with half a Kilo of Steel? Where is the logic in that? We are supposed to love our Horses, many profess to but think about it, do You really love Your Horse if You are inflicting discomfort every moment You handle it??? Well this is what happens, the World over and it all stems from Britain, via the Military, Racing and God forbid, Pony Club in this Country and right now, ‘Ready Steady Trot’, the new Equestrian Australia initiative to attract more People into the Industry. Check out the thoughts of the poor Horses in their Publicity Photo

I am not going to go on for there are ample other educative articles on this Website but warn all People entering the Industry that such leading and so called ‘control systems’, contribute to these things and more:




Now obviously these are extreme examples but look into the eyes of these Horses to get the point. Happy Partners versus the unhappy Horses up the top.



Horses don’t like You, they just put up with You and go through the motions. Pain on the

    • The Mouth is continually bruised.
    • The integrity of the Mouth (brakes) are continually deteriorated, exposing People to Bolting Horses. (The Brake Pads are warn out)
    • The Horse gets continual ‘learned helplessness’ for every tug, pull, rip, which unbeknownst to the Human, is telling the Horse to actually do something, but it is left with no reward, no timing, feel or relief for an answer.
    •   This is why ‘Learner Rider Horses’ always come with terrible Mouths. (the fault of neither)  The Horse just shuts down to any chance of sophistication.
    • Contrary to every reason given for the British teaching of Leading that Leading ‘up close and personal’ gives control, the opposite is true. This is why this Groom, in the Olympic Medal Ceremony at Rio, ended on the Ground.




The Horse is never truly happy, often stressed and very often SAD!!! I could show You dozens of Photos of Sad Horses.
and I could go on……


Well this is even more concerning. What possesses us to swing off the Mouth of our loved one’s, 100% of the time that You are given the privilege to be on their backs????? Think about that for a moment. Why do they do it?…..because they are taught to, brain washed to, from a Young Age and with Peer pressure thereafter.


I have never seen a more potent “Peer pressure’, such that the combined efforts of Pat Parelli and every other Horse Trainer around the World, who have worked tirelessly for the last 30 Years, have completely failed most Horses within the English Disciplines. Pat said to me once, “Normal is what everyone does around You and Normal changes every 50k across the World, depending on what they are doing in that District”

The bottom line is that Humans are Blind and so easily lead. They simply accept because others do it and never think, examine, wonder, experiment and worse, dismiss other systems that they may know about because it is not the fashion in their Discipline.

In Britain especially, from the moment a Rider steps aboard a Horse to the dismount, the Reins are their ‘Dummy’, their comfort Zone. They WILL NOT let the Mouth of the Horse go. Why on Earth would that be? Do they think the Horse is going to escape at any moment??………well they probably do because any system that doesn’t prove to the paranoid Human, that the Horse is indeed controllable with less Rein pressure, must generate the paranoia that has birthed this fighting with the Mouths of Horses at all costs.


Go figure this……the Horse has just been dragged out of the Paddock, mostly not ridden all Week and has just been flogged around squillions of Classes in the chase for felt. They come out of the Ring and stand aside ready for the next Class. What do they do?…..this…..


**Note the Reins & Faces on the two Horses nearest!!!


The two on the left, in the still shot moment of time, are actually doing this, replicated across the Planet at Dressage as well. This one is an F.E.I. Horse.


The 20 Minute warmup is long gone, the test has been completed, we are back at the Car but we reared in the Test ……..if only they could believe what’s possible?

You see, Horses would rather stand still and go to sleep, but they can’t do that because they are continually getting tormented by the British systems.

but they can’t even think about it, for they can’t put their Necks down to do it


So Folks, if You think You ‘Love Horses’ but are from the British Horse Society systems, think again because the VAST MAJORITY would not be passed by the Horses. To end, here is a selection of some of my snaps over the Years, with Horses going through Daily Hell. Think about it.


Go here if You want to “Listen to the Horses” and if You can’t get the point from the Photos.


Listen to Your Horses