Horse Law Australia

February 9, 2020 Equine Law Australia

In 2005, Horseproblems Australia saw the desperate need to commence an arm of the Law in this Country, to cater for Crooked Horse Sales, for back then, basically every Vet in the Country was telling every Client, “Buyer Beware” So we had meetings in Sydney, with some top Firms in each State and persuaded them to start handling these issues. Pretty soon, after we launched Horselaw Australia, others followed, including Horseforce, who I saw in the audience at Equitana, when we spoke about this. John O’Leary is a Court appointed Expert Witness, Assessor, Valuer and investigator but does not give […]

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November 6, 2013

  This Website pioneered all Horselaw activities in this Country and injected the first Lawyers into it. Victoria and NSW South Australia and Queensland. There were no dedicated Horse Lawyers, with Horse Experience. Prior, there was no such thing as complaining to a Court about a Crooked Horse Dealer.!!!. Every Vet in the Country, by default, informed every Client to not waste their time!    Since 1999, we have helped thousands of People…for free and spent up to 105 Hours on one Client. Won the SA “Premiers Award’ for Volunteering, twice. Up to 28 hours per week and answered 25,000 […]

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