Head Chucking Horse

July 1, 2018

  When a Horse tosses the Head whilst riding, there is something wrong, 100% of the times.   THE CAUSES   There can be several: Teeth Sacroiliac Bad Hands Confusion between Horse and Rider Learned helplessness or other Veterinary reasons…..   If You experience, do something about it, immediately, for it is unfair on Horses and dangerous to Riders, for the Horse just may have had enough of You at some point!!   SACROILIAC     LEARNED HELPLESSNESS     HANDS     Gaining Head submission of the Horse, to look in ‘show mode’ IS NOT achieved by pulling…..it should […]

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On the Bit

November 10, 2013

        FOR LEARNER RIDERS’         As you go through your time in the Horse World, you will most likely hear people talking about a term called “ABOVE THE BIT”  Without getting technical which is what a lot of people do, I will attempt to simply explain it. Look at these Pics…….     It basically means that the horse is going around with it’s head in a normal head carriage as seen when running around the paddock rather than as you see the good horses carrying themselves in competition or the photo’s in the […]

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Horse Law Australia

In 2005, Horseproblems Australia saw the desperate need to commence an arm of the Law in this Country, to cater...
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Tying up the Horse

For the safest system on the Planet and for the only system invented to fix the Violent Pullback Horse, go...
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Timing is everything

Hi Folks, Over the many Years and thousands of Horses, hopefully one gains an ability to read every move of...
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Meadow Hay and Weeds

MEADOW HAY I recently walked into a Stable on my property and saw 150mm thick of pure 'Barley Grass' Seeds...
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 Horses hate being hosed down. Especially around the head area and for a good reason. Often people squirt water into...
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Scientists and Monty Robert’s Dually Halter

10th December, 2018 The Horse Scientists have have just released a study into the 'Dually Halter', designed and patented by...
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