Rein handling of the “Green Horse”

Rein Control of the Green Horse

When You climb aboard a ‘Starter’ you need to know that it ‘knows nothing’ It doesn’t know what Leg’s are, aids are……put ‘Leg on’ a Starter and they will likely Buck, kick a Starter and it will definitely Buck, but it is the Mouth that is of all importance.

Thousands of “Green Horses” have asked me to write this article and I thank them for their wisdom over the Years.

Most have half a Kilo of Steel inside their Mouths and they have Zero idea what a ‘Contact’ is or why would You pull against their Mouth, (other than the general Stop/go of the Mouthing process, but no contact teaching. You can’t do that and yet many People (and Professionals) don’t understand this and they pay the price. You shall too if You try it.

‘On the Bit’ Day, with the ‘Green Horse‘ should come Weeks down the track but only after all the stepping stones have been followed where the Horse steers, ‘Leg Yields’ is Trail ridden, Traffic Trained, understands Leg to go FORWARD and more. Only on that Day should there be a contact on the Mouth of such Horses, other than the momentary re-adjustment of pace and direction. You must set the Horse up for success, to protect it’s psychology and it’s career if you want one.

The vast majority of the Horse Riding Public have zero idea of how to ride a ‘Green Horse’ ( not their fault of course) as most have never done it, there are no classes on it and even if their were, most of the Pupils would be killed 🙂 Besides, you would have to ride dozens of them to learn it.

So it is of no surprise to see and hear about the disasters that occur where People confuse, frustrate, hurt or upset ‘Green Horses‘. Here are just a few examples that come my way.

You can read the story of each Horse in the description of each Vid.

So what does the ‘Green Horse’ think?

  • I ran into Your Hand but don’t know what it means
  • I bobbed my Head but no learning came. I did it time and time again and still no learning came. Now I am ‘confused’
  • I feel this constant contact upon my Mouth but I don’t know what it means. I just know that it is Hell uncomfortable, because I haven’t been taught about ‘on the Bit’ yet.
  • I am learning about ‘Leg’ and kind of understand that, so is it the ‘Brakes’ that I am feeling…….at the same time??????
  • I didn’t get any ‘pleasure’out of the ‘Pleasure Ride‘. The Rider seemed to though??

and the list goes on and on and on and on…………and then comes “Learned Helplessness’ 🙁

Across the Thousands of ‘Green Horses’ that I have ridden, I have never experienced any of the objections spoken about above and ridden many in City Traffic on their 1st ride out. If you are a keen observer, the answers can be found in the pics of some of these first ride out Horses.

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