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20th August, 2020

Hi Folks, lovely drop of Rain and the Farmers and Horses will be happy indeed, as will your Pocket for the prices will stabilize. We are 100mm ahead of Adelaide, such is the change in Weather patterns over the past few Years. Of course you would all realize, that the Fleurieu will become the Food Bowl for Horses and Humans in the future and North of Adelaide will cease to sustain us.

Wonderful job by our Dept of Health Lady!!!!!!!!!! and of course the Government here!!!!!!

We have been extremely busy this last Week and did 5 long trips for one reason or another, one Yesterday where we ran into this on the Strath/Goolwa Road 🙁 and had to detour around the back blocks for about 15k on the gravel roads.

Channel 10 interviewed both of us and we were on the News but of course they didn’t dare show our thoughts on the fact that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the Road, it is just the Drivers’these Days. 🙁


Our sincere appols for our website being Hacked. It has been a terrible Week for us 🙁 The World has gone Mad. Sitting here Today, trying to repair the damage and have just got 2 phone calls from Scammers, threatening us about our Tax File. 🙁 ….more scammers…….

The Dressage

Had a wonderful time on Sunday, at the Southern Vales Dressage Club…the one with the best Arenas and the next one that is being stolen by the Council 🙁 Imagine the loss??…….Oh why hasn’t the Industry risen to the occasion over the 30 Years that I have pleaded it, to buy their own Lands???? Could have been done ever so easily 🙁 Now nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……all to the Bull Dozers 🙁

Anyhow, it was a very frustrating Day for Mrs. HP as Dolce Vita was firing and would have been real hard to beat but she had falled in love with CHIEF 🙂
Chief is a Clydsdale Cross belonging to Jane Brown, who has been very sick in Hospital with several operations and Chief is the love of Her Life 🙁
So Mrs. HP has had Him here and Jane was able to get taken out for the drive down from Adelaide, to watch Her Darling

and thankfully, he won his Tests and after his Boot Camp of the past 4 Weeks, he was the poor one in the Float when we got detoured in the Rain….but….he deserved his break, for a job well done, back grazing with his Mates, seen here 30 seconds after arrival 🙂


anyhow, he won the Novice and probably the Prelim but we don’t know those results. Very Happy Mum and contented Horse. Can’t get any better than that 🙂

Not bad Chief – she is a Bitch from Hell normally 🙂

but……..Mrs. HP had no chance on Dolce, for she only had thoughts for Chief and ruined about 6 Movements, calling out, going to the toilet, throwing every sequence of changes between 5 times and 1 times :)….but never mind, still got over 60% and as I said, was ready to fire on the Day. She is just completing Her Passage and Piaffe training, successfully and is doing tempi changes, so Grand Prix for Her a bit later.

Goodbye Southern Vales – look in the background 🙁

anyhow, this is how fast Development gobbles up the Dressage……..

Blue Ribbon for the Boy

Horse Purchase assessments

and the carnage continues. Every Week without fail. The Periahs continue on 🙁

Case 1

The Cient is a Learner Rider and goes to a South Australian Dressage Queen, to look at the $8,000 Schoolmaster. Big Sucker with No Mouth. No arena Fence wither. He almost runs away with Her but the previous for Sale Video with the Customary “Crash Dummy Kid” put Her at ease.

The Horse is sunsound….I can see that but does the Coach know?…… the Coach quickly does the new Show Video to impress, with the big collection and moving like a Freight Train but behind the eyes of the Learner/Amateur, Coachy can be seen SEE SAWING the Mouth behind the back, to get submission with the Camera angle changes to side on again. So swish :)…….but then……………

due to a terrible mistake in editing, Coachy is seen ripping the Mouth of the Horse whilst screaming :)………

Hell then Coachy……how did you expect the impending Dead Learner Rider to stop it or indeed put it’s Head down, which you can’t???????????????

So $8,000 saved for another Client 🙂

Case 2

South Australian Coach admits to drugging every Horse she sells

Sounds hard to believe, doesn’t it, but I have it in writing. Be careful out there Folks!!!!!!!


Case 3

Learner Rider buys a Horse from local Dealers. Pony. Mrs. HP remarks that on the Sale Video, the Horse looks irregular. Buyer rings up Vendor and asks the question. Vendor states that the Horse had “lost a Shoe”……(amazing for a Sales Video). Buyer asks to come for another Ride but is told that she has had Her one ride and she would have to pay to do that 🙂

The Lady buys the Horse, and already been injured this Week. Mrs. HP is booked in to formally assess it this Weekend.

Case 4


Don’t listen to John and Linda

Hallelujah!!!!!…….a new Client entered the Horse Industry. What will become of Her?????……she has never owned a Horse, she needs a ‘therapy Horse’. I’m working on a Horse in the Round Pen and I see a Truck Pull up and a very proud Breeder walks across the Park with an 80cm very proud little Pinto. Perfect for the Lady needs to be taught what Hay is, how to put a Halter on and all things Horse.


All goes well and a few Weeks go by. The Lady then decides that she likes this Horse Business and wants a PROPER Horse, so unsupervised, she whips onto myaushorse and buys the lovely looking 3 year Old UNBROKEN Palamino


Well it arrives. We are all there in anticipation :)…..the Big Truck Pulls into our front Carpark and this Woman gets out……

but wait a minute, the Vendor is a Friend of Her’s 🙂

So very Gingerly and with Master Horsemanship, she manages to get the young Horse that this Master Horseman can attest, was not handled until the Day before, was never fed proper Food, just Salt Bush, was locked in the Truck for 24 Hours in case she couldn’t load it again and that it was way Younger than 3 year Old as Advertised.


Yes,,,I remember now………the Father of this poor Young Horse……….big Legal Battle, threats and finally he escaped the PEST and ended up back with his Owner in Queensland 2 years ago.. She will no doubt be mightily interested in this Blog 🙂

Oh, just look at the Paddock Folks. He must eat manure for Dinner!!!!!

Well here is his Son on arrival………. (the new purchase)

but using an associate for some interesting reason 🙂

So what was the Result????……..easy, she dropped $2,000 in 2 Weeks and the Horse has lucked out, living in Aldinga right now. Lovely Horse. Sweetheart 🙁

I could go on all Night. More next Week. WELCOME TO THE HORSE INDUSTRY FOLKS. WE WILL RIP YOUR GUTS OUT FOR YOU :)……and the last words she uttered to the innocent Victim when she handed the lead rope??????………

Don’t listen to John and Linda”!

hahahahahahaha……”I wonder if she thought we had a clue????


There is this lovely Lady who lives around here somewhere but she doesn’t quite understand the importance of being Professional in the eyes of the Community and Council. Her Horse manures up to 8 times a Ride, all over the District and of course we get the blame. (kind of interesting considering it is ridden in a Halter where Mrs HP’s 2 Horses, ridden in Bits, have done 1 manure in 10 Years on the same Roads.

Anyhow, what’s one more job a Day??? 🙁

of course she couldn’t not see it for it is a Dead end Road and You have to come back!!

Victor Harbor of the Week


Boof of the Week


Tip of the Week

Lowering the Hand to achieve SUBMISSION does never work, can never work and only achieves the exact opposite to what the Rider Desires.

Bella Vista of the Week


12th August, 2020

Hi Folks,

On behalf of my Wife and I, welcome back to the mad World of Mr & Mrs. HP. We have never been able to work out how come we attract so much mega interesting events


Those who may have read our Blog over the Years, would remember many PREDICTIONS and there haven’t been many that have not come to pass. Here are just a few since we spoke:

  • That Equestrian SA would go bust and is on it’s knees. 
  • That the Victor Harbor Road would be duplicated and it is.
  • That Equestrian Australia would fail and it has.
  • That the best Dressage Club in SA would get kicked out and it has.
  • That the Industry would have to (and is) get back to supporting those entering the Industry, not the Dressage Queens.
  • That Dressage Judges are going to have to change and I see signs
  • and many more……….


That the Corona Virus will be found to cause Health problems, long into the future, for those poor victims who caught it. ……take it real serious Folks!!!!!

Day to Day

Busier than ever. It never stops. Working on Horses all over the place and including a new phenominum that I never thought I would have to challenge, that of Breaking in Horses for Learner Riders…..go figure!!!!

Gainsborough, for some bizarre reason, has multiple unbroken Horses right now and all needing starting for their Owners. I’m doing it an hour a Week and taking Drugs on return Home 🙂 Here are a couple of them……..

and helping Mrs. HP with this lovely Boy, who is here because his Owner is of ill Health and needs support.

There are multiple others but I’ll get warmed up back to this in the next few Blogs.


Online Dressage Competitions

We are very proud to have been the 1st in the World, to achieve this due to Covid19 and our thanks to all of those around the World, for taking part.

Congrats to Katy from Scotland, for winning

Dressage Queens behaving badly

Yes Folks, sadly it still goes on, all over the place with those attempting to enter an Industry that is already on it’s knees because of Administrators’behaving badly, having their Bank Accounts raided, breaking their Hearts and their Bones. Here are just a few………

Case 1

  • The Queen sells a Foal for thousands. The Buyer pays it off and at 5 Months, weaning time, gets instructed to come pick it up. They drive a Day but find the Horse unable to be handled, feral and with an unreported injury. It can’t be floated so they leave it there until it is able to be safely worked with.

    Meanwhile however, the Queen sells it to someone else, even though there is a substantial deposit been paid by the first Buyer. Off to the Lawyer they go and the Queen sues the Purchaser for the balance.

    Case 2
  • A Queen sells a Foal. The pick up time is near. She starts ringing the Buyer, saying that the Foal won’t suit them for it is too re-active….however…….she has other Horses in the Paddock that would suit the Buyer, much better 🙂
    The Buyer is Interstate and asks me if I could prepare the Horse for transport, prior to it going, so it would stay at Gainsborough for a bit. I agree and Buyer begins organizing such.
    Then the Queen reports that the Weanling is injured but she has other Older and lovely Horses in the Paddock, that would suit the Buyer better
    I send a Vet to inspect……..nothing wrong with it!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It arrives at Gainsborough and is actually NOT of difficult temperament but an absolute Dreamboat.
    In a matter of hours, we have Her well trained and off she goes to Her Happy and excited Owner in another State.

The damage to Morals by Social Media

Many of the older Generation, despair at the lack of Morals in Society these Days. The culprit is Social Media. It brings out the worst in People and makes them become institutionalized to the fact that People are dishonest.

I have noted and find interesting, how many of the Administrators of the South Australian Horse Industry, are Daily seen hugging, smiley facing, sending love hearts, to any thread by those who deserve no such thing. The ‘Parasites” who are preying upon the innocent and who to a large degree, are responsible for the destruction of the entire Industry, seriously damaging the incomes of all, the farriers, Vets’, Saddle Shops, Body Workers, Horse Dentists and more………Take a look at the big names, hugging ‘Serial Offenders”. What are these ‘Mature Aged Women’ doing????…….they are not Teenage Soap Opera Queens…..they forget that they represent the Industry, in many responsible positions, but revert to Teenage Girls when on Facebook 🙁

Victor Harbor of the Week

It’s still Heaven on Earth

Boof of the Day


Photo of the Week


Letters of the Day

Hi John, I got your sand colic remedy quite a few years ago. But I don’t know if I did something wrong but my horses wouldn’t eat their feed with it in. They are on different feed now and hoover their feed down so it might make a difference

The wonderful Standy

When you said that most horses off the track come with some psychological damage you were not kidding .. my poor boy has in his past had a Belting purely from being scared of something .. horses don’t lie
Do they .. to see a horse tremble in fear because it thinks it’s going to get belted & wants nothing to with it’s human makes you wonder what occurred in its past for it to be so fearful .. we worked through it & will be an ongoing thing to be mindful of .. to hear a horse literally sigh of massive relief when he knew he was safe was rather touching … poor boy ..

This is a video of my horse .. as you can tell he has the snort of uncertainty. This is so much better considering he was trembling & trying to high tail it out with his ears back & the look of terror in his eyes .. I’m getting some interest in what I’m doing now .. the near side is the main issue often trying to block me with his other eye also that’s his weaker side too but a huge improvement .. we are getting there .. he still needs to put on more weight considering the condition he was in when I first got him ..


Very True and with this Breed, it is often our Mediterranean Brothers who are less empathetic.

Didn’t think I was imagining it …
I’m thinking with patient routine with the ropes & being consistent with him with his reactions I’m hoping he’ll gain more confidence because behind it all he’s a sweetheart ..

That and Cuddles 🙂 Well done Lorraine. Good job!


Next Week

More Crooked behavior of our so called “Top Riders’and Coaches”, including Video of them up to their crooked ways, working to trap the innocent and endangering Life in the process.

The Serial Pest and Crooked Horse Dealer as well as Cruelty to Animals Offender, Dora Ryan strikes again. This time, arguably a Criminal Offence. Wait until You hear this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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